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No reason to spend your Monday cranky!


RoadGoddess 7 Sep 10

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I love Mondays. Lots to do, lots to occupy my mind.

I'm partically injoy any day that I wake up alive, with productive stuff to do, and the air (copd) and energy to accomplish....its just hard to beat a day that starts like that


What if one wants to be a cantankerous curmudgeon?

@RoadGoddess I try always being in a good mood some days are better than others depends on how much stupid I run into first thing in the morning.

Choices are endless..not letting outside influences rewarding.


Sometimes I have to realize that I have a real need for music and turn some on

twill Level 7 Sep 11, 2018

I feel incredibly alien to humans sometimes.


Mondays don't bother me as much as Mondays filled with high skilled labor, and I show up with graffiti.


My dealings with technology today would suggest otherwise. 😛

I had one of those tech days, too, today!


WHY NOT !!!!!!!!!!….... (Just kidding)


It’s my default emotional state?

It's sad but this Society teaches men to have that as their default emotion I spent Years Learning to actually feel what I was actually feeling rather than turning everything into anger this Society really does a screw job on guys heads I know you were just joking( Maybe) but somehow this hit a button and I just had to say that...

@Drsmash253 I was just joking.

I find that a very socially ignorant response

I’ve never been all that socially conscious. I leave that to the politically correct.


Easier said than done


Well, I had a good Monday. I always wake up cranky before going to work, so it doesn't really matter the day of the week.


I guess if some lives merely for the weekend then her or she may find a Monday an excuse to be cranky


I never do. I'm always in a pretty good mood.

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