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Got something that really bugs you? Sick of someone's shit? Got something -- anything -- you just want to get off your chest? Do it here.

Whether it's significant or trivial, we all got our pet peeves or triggers, or whatever you want to call them.

One of mine is video accompaniment for EVERY news story posted to EVERY news site on the internet. Not EVERY news story needs a goddamn video attached to it. I almost always stop the video so I can just read the report without some anchor blathering in my ear. I don't care about the ^%$#@!^ video, I CAN READ.

Sgt_Spanky 8 Sep 10

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People at work who want to mess up my systematic way of working. Leave my shit alone!


Robo and telemarketing calls. Got 3 at work today


Nope, I am a happy camper and likely that may be some sorts of peeves for someone else... Life is too short to worry about those things

Then your peeve is peeves themselves? Okay, I guess that works too.

@Sgt_Spanky that's definitely a maybe ?


People who lie irritate the fuck out of me. I’m INFJ: human lie detector, so it ain’t like I don’t KNOW a mofo is lying. Plus when confronted, some lie even more to cover the earlier lies.
Ugh. ?


oh i hate that too, especially since i generally have some other sound going on -- a sound i have actually chosen for myself!

lemme see, i must be easily irritated (and i think of myself as so easygoing, too!) not to be able to narrow down the choice of peeves to one special pet. if we're sticking to online peeves, the field is still pretty wide. the usual grammar/spelling/punctuation crap (and here i am making no initial caps, but i have my reasons) irks me, especially as i am an ex-english teacher. trolls, of course. false conflation, in or outside of memes. (we have enough money to [fill in blank with something you don't like, be it financial aid to israel, illegal immigrants or poor people getting welfare] but we don't have enough money for [fill in blank with something that tugs at the heartstrings, be it homeless vets, old people in nursing homes (apparently all run by nurse ratched) or abused puppies]. the two issues may be unrelated, and taking care of one doesn't prevent us from taking care of the other. no one ever conflates those heartstring-tuggers with tax breaks for people who have gazillions of bucks in offshore accounts and don't need tax breaks because they're already not only not paying taxes but are getting subsidies too, huge salaries and bonuses for ceos who starve their employees, or megachurches pulling in every last penny from their flocks. nope, you never see THAT in memes. so that kind of gets me.



Alright, this one is gonna hit a little close to home.

I almost gave up on this place, y'all. I came here to meet like-minded people in disbelief and chat and have discussions. It's good, usually. However, the front page is always almost entirely memes and point-whoring. I do not care how close you are to a free T-shirt. Jesus Christ.


Bad drivers infuriate me! Pay attention and stay in your own damn lane!

Plus: hang up and DRIVE.
I swear, I want the sky camera from Hunger Games so I can project my displeasure to one and all, lol.

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