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I'm pretty sure this is not an issue with the guys here, but I thought it was worth posting.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 22

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I wish most women would carry weapons, especially guns, and would learn very well how to protect themselves. Some men just need kill'n. It's amazing how the few assholes can ruin the world for so many others. It's hard to stay aware of the majority who are good guys leading quiet normal lives while news of horrific spectacles travels around the world. When I hear of the Horrors many women have endured and the challenges they face I'm ashamed to be a man. Please protect yourself ladies, usually you are the only one who can.

The danger of guns is that they can be taken away very easily. If you are not 100% sure you could pull the trigger, don't carry a gun. The statistics support that. [] and []

I spent 6 years in the Army. I learned how to fire a weapon. I knew then I would never use it to shoot another human being. Then I had a baby. I knew if someone threatened her I could use a weapon. However, I will not keep a gun in my house for a variety of reasons. And that baby is now 33 and about to have her own baby.

Maybe tasers and martial arts would be better for a lot of women. I think the choices should be up to individual women and not involve government.




wow that is something


So true ....maybe more men will get 27 yrs old son to teach grandson...


Left out tortured. The adverse is female make false statement as a revenge and the fellows life becomes nonexistent.


Glad i don't date anymore.... a big old bear looking guy like me.... I would be the talk with the ladies.


Always occurred to me that there are women out there with a bucket list of things to experience before they are committed and at least 3 of them must have in their list "to kill me a puertorican and get away with it."


Teach boys against male entitlement feelings teach girls self defense restore Feminism to our species nurturing natural vision


This is one of the reasons why we can’t have nice things, people are scared, and not incorrectly so. The world is a dangerous place, but a life not lived is no life at all, try not to let the fear stop you, or we all lose.


generally, your right but a female Sargent in America did get convicted of raping a private as it was proved in court that a man can get an erection even if he doesn't want sex.

I might be taking this literally, but “they proved it in court”...

yes with doctors etc and the female Sargent got busted.


that's why I was never attracted to the lady in distress types. Women need to learn how to protect themselves or arm themselves. you can get a tazzor for 50 bucks at your local gun store or learn martial arts or don't go alone.


Well, men can be raped and killed too, though it isn't as common. There was a serial killer who we had discovered had gone to a bar I frequent many years back. He was eventually caught in Florida, killed 10 or 12 if I recall. But it's definitely an issue women need be more concerned with.

You mean Aileen Wuornos? The movie Monster was based on her.

No, this was a guy, a gay killer. I'd have to research to try and recall the details, a long time ago.

There are instances of Female killers... jus sayin.

I read about serial killers and they are mostly men. woman are vulnerable from birth till death and all children unlike men mostly.


Pretty literally why I stopped dealing with men altogether.


Hopefully not an issue-I am taking my life into my hands this week as I fly cross country to meet someone. Not worried.

I hope you have fun, sounds adventurous.

Have a wonderful time!

Someone is driving a few hours to meet me this weekend 🙂

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