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Wow, I just had my first Facebook Moment. On Facebook, people block you just for the crime of disagreeing with them... Whaddya know... that happened to me just the moment. I got blocked just for disagreeing with someone.

This is why I don't block people. The day I become that overly-sensitive, then I'm no longer qualified to be on a site like this.

I will block if someone threatens me, or if I feel they're stalking me or being inappropriate, but most people are just obnoxious, not necessarily dangerous. Don't get me wrong, I'm as obnoxious as the next person... another reason I don't block others.

But I would hope that on a site based on logic and reason, we could disagree, without feeling the need to block the person we disagree with.

By Benthoven8
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I reserve the right to be offended.

I also reserve the right to be offensive at times.

I do not reserve the right to be vindictive or threatening and I reserve the right to not be threatened.

But apart frpom that, I love a battle of wits and robust discussions with people that I disagree with and that disagree with me.

Occasionally (unfortunately not often enough) one of us succumbs to reasoned argument and evidence and changes our minds!


I have been blocked without even knowing or talking to some people on here, oh well, their problem not mine, I don't block anyone, but that's just me!


Don't let it upset you if a simple disagreement made them decide to clock you then they were probably very small and simple minded anyways.

snytiger6 Level 9 Sep 12, 2018

A person who posts while being respectful, but disagreeing, is perfectly fine, but if somebody appears to be trolling (or bullying) it's better to block them, because feeding a troll (or worse trolling them back) can make things go awry fast.


I've been blocked for arguing against religion on Facebook by several people. I find it kind of humorous that they cannot act like an adult and actually refute what I say. I guess it's easier to block or unfriendly.


The site's premise is non-belief in deities, not logic and reason. And, as you yourself pointed out, 'disagreement' is one of many reasons to block people.


Solid commentary, and logic. Could you have simply ‘won the debate?’ ...and they’re blocking you confirmed that smile001.gif

Please, let me know (as I’ve yet to block or be blocked smile005.gif), if they, your blocker, post an obnoxious politically aggressive falsity - you would no longer be able to answer? Or, they simply couldn’t read/ see your response - but ‘we’ could?

Varn Level 8 Sep 11, 2018

How do you know if someone blocks you? Could be a new way to accumulate points smile002.gif

@powder I recently corresponded with someone who ‘said he’d been blocked’ by another poster. He knew, guess I’ll discover it when a massive flashing red You Are Blocked pops up as I attempt to respond to something obnoxious smile002.gif


I haven't had to block anyone on here yet. The only friend I blocked on FB was because he started posting racist bull shit.

Hastur Level 8 Sep 11, 2018

I just blocked someone who said she is a believer and messaged me. WTF she doing on here?

I think if they started messaging me, that would freak me out enough that I would probably block them too. Unless I invite someone to message me, or they message me a generic "hi, mind if I message you" then I'm not comfortable with being messaged.

That's always an odd one because they are allowed in. But you do wonder what they are up to? lol

@Benthoven It was "Hi, how are you doing?" just sounds a little fishy to me with her stating being a believer. I never saw her before on here and she is very new by her profile that says nothing.

@RavenCT Well anyway her picture was appealing like an ad for ##x

@Benthoven and I see that you visited her a bit ago.

@starwatcher-al Hmm! Did I hover over her? I'm scared to go to too many bios because some people freak out that they've been visited.

@Benthoven I'm actually pleased that people vist me, maybe I'm somewhat interesting to them i hope.

@starwatcher-al Me too.

@starwatcher-al That's the classic scammer opening line. Immediate delete.

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