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Going on 10 months... My birthday finally rolls around and I don't even get a "hey dude" from people who's birthday it also was and who I said happy birthday to. Even local businesses that I don't frequent sent me a howdy do today. I'd offer my purple shirt to anyone who'd want it, but I'm saving it for my next oil change. Anyone who thinks this place is peachy keen probably went to all their high school football games... didn't you? Yeah, I know the type.

SACatWalker 8 Sep 15

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I'm sorry your birthday did not turn out as you hoped. It's hard when you feel over looked. I still think this site is peachy keen, and I don't think I went to any of my HS football games. I am not a football fan and my wicked stepmother would not let us go out in the evenings unless it was to work. I am not any type. I hope for you that next year is better, and I sincerely hope that you are still on this site. I plan to be, and I enjoy reading your posts and comments.


I didn't know....Well even if it's late, Happy Birthday.

@SACatWalker I was married to my ex for almost 19 years and getting Happy Birthday wishes was a hit or miss proposition. They were less and less as the years went by.


Birthdays as ritual celebrations are a matter of personal choice.

As with other ritualized occasions associated with religions, some people reach a stage in life wherein such things lose personal meaning. Expectations that all others MUST share manifest rightness, even if in the majority, can be taken as presumptuous regardless of the source.


If I want birthday wishes then I usually advertise at least a week in advance and then bombard everyone the day before. Usually positive results. Of course that's me...... Have you changed your oil yet? ? .....ahhhh... Alnost forgot...hbd


Don't look to me for birthday greetings, I barely remember mine and I have an identical twin. My kid sister's is in October sometime. My Mom's is in Dec. but I could NEVER remember if it was the 3rd or 4th and my twin would get really pissed cause I'd call her to ask what was the correct date. To be fair we had mom issues and one time BY ACCIDENT (I swear) I sent a Happy Birthday Step-Mother card. I did not realize it til I called on her b-day to wish her a happy one. YIKES, did I catch hell; have to admit tho I thought it was pretty darn funny. But, Yes, my mom NEEDED a card and a phone call, still did not make her a happy person - that's the moral of that rant.
So, Happy Birthday!!! belated for sure, just enjoy yourself EVERY day. Hugs

@SACatWalker Sorry to hear that. I'm sure I clicked on follow your posts. I'm not sure if I've made any 'friends', yeah, there's a person on the east coast and we message occasionally. 5 cats, is pretty cool. Where are you looking to buy a ranch? Don't give up yet.

@SACatWalker You are fortunate then. The last couple of years I've thought about relocating simply because of the wildfires. I also miss the solitude and night sky of the 10 acreas I sold and moved from 4 1/2 years ago. I could not finish the house without help and maintaining it by myself was too much. Sold it and moved into this 55 and older complex. I'll just have to see what the future holds I just try to enjoy whatever I'm doing at the moment.


I can't find birthrates anywhere! So, happy birthday!!!!

haha! autocorrect or fat finger....birthdates


Happy Birthday! Sorry it was overlooked. I would feel the same. Hope you have a great weekend!


I honestly don't know unless someone hits me over the head. So Happy Belated Birthday!

Also it's not shown on your profile? You might wanna go fix that.


When was your birthday? How could we know? Yesterday was the the late Amy Winehouse’s and Morten Harket’s.....was the 14th yours too?

@SACatWalker No, I looked and it wasn’t there! My birthday isn’t on mine either. You share your birthday with my favourite guy so you must be a great guy too. ?


appy barfday!!!!

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