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What’s your take on kids not learning cursive any longer? I was quite shocked to find this out. Many forms have you sign and then print your name. I think it’s still important to learn cursive even though our future signatures will be a digital fingerprint.

PinkPassion 5 Jan 24

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Cursive is not necessary to learn in school. Kids who are interested can pretty much learn it on their own. I's like making the argument to learn latin.


Cursive , is a means of making printing , faster , by making it flow . Apparently , kids using machines to print , is faster than writing . Still , I was surprised to learn they are no longer teaching cursive in schools.


Teach them history instead of cursive. That way they might have enough sense to not vote for idiots like Obama!

You mean Trump? Yep, history has a tendency to repeat itself. Oh, wait, what the hell does this have to do with teaching kids cursive? Ah, right, nothing. If you want to talk politics make a post of your own and please leave this thread alone.


I learned cursive in 2nd grade and I’ve yet to use it beyond signing my name. At this point, cursive is just art.


I still frequently use a pen and paper to record information. Cursive comes in handy. I have smartphones and iPads, but they are still not as handy. Electronic storage of information is useful for me as I am far less likely to loose it and find it easily.

I enjoy free writing and it’s done in cursive. But have a phone to make notes is probably better for people. I still carry around a pad and pen to write down ideas.

@PinkPassion Now I can dictate a note and it transcribes it into my phone, it should be easier to make notes on the move. The transcription software still needs improvement, but much better than about 4 years ago.

I do keep some notes in my iPhone but I really like keeping a small pad with me. I also write in a journal. I can’t start writing a story until I’ve jotted down notes and little paragraphs in a journal. I only get moleskine notebooks. They’re fantastic.

@PinkPassion More complex work I do find easier to do with paper records and pen. Simple letters and such I do on word processor now and email. Snailmail is pretty expensive and much slower nowadays.


I honestly don't see why there is such concern about it. Aside from a signature, no one really uses it much any more. I see it sometimes on birthday cards and Christmas cards but, really nothing else. And as far as signatures go, even those are becoming more often digital. I bought my house a little over a year ago. I never actually signed a physical piece of paper with the mortgage company. It was all digital signatures online.

Duke Level 8 Jan 24, 2018

In Maine? Is it by state decision-how education usually works.

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