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What do you think is the worst TV commercial running right now? For me, its the Skittle one - the boy is full of skittles all over his face and arms and the girl he's talking to is picking them off him and eating them. EEWWWWWWW

Lavergne 8 Sep 16

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Sounds gross..


Those Progressive Insurance commercials are kinda awful now. It seemed that the earlier ones were actually entertaining....but the new ones just don't seem to hit the mark.

totally agree....

@sweetcharlotte yes - one of those that made you laugh and go ewwwww all at the same time!


I got skittlepoxs! Is it contagious? i don't think so???


there are way too many that are way to bad there's the trumpbear ad, of course, and the proactive ads that last what, two or three minutes? but my current unfavorite is the one for some product that purports to remove undereye bags. it's not just that it probably doesn't work. it's that it's hysterical from the git-go (i don't mean funny; i mean fraught and giddy) and the narrator/hostess has one of the most annoying voices in the history of television advertisement.


a few years ago, the fad was to use Preparation H to shrink those undereye bags.....I don't think I need to say anything else...

@Lavergne i heard about that! but at least prep h didn't advertise that use on tv!



You are lucky.

I live in the tRump supporter infested intellectually black state of ND. Our current Democratic senator is being land-blasted by a barrage of big money filth TV commercials.

About every time you see a slimy bull licking itself with the sound of shit plopping onto hard concrete, you know it is a Republican add against our (for the next few weeks) Democratic senator. I am serious. That is the current add.

The Republican add just before that was the Republican's candidate's daughter talking about how our current Democratic senator wants women to have abortions at five months.

ND? you have my deepest sympathies...

@Lavergne Thank you. Rational people in this state are but a tiny minority in a state that is increasingly darkened by superstition. Most rational people I know knew have left the state.


Yeah, that Skittles commercial is really gross. I could never eat one now.


The Pharmaceutical industry commercials. They are continuous and try to scare the you know what out of all of us, so that we will ask the doctor to prescribe them. 😕


Any commercial with FL Gov Rick Scott

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