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POS Donald Trump Jr. Attacks Kavanaugh's Accuser - No Respect For Women Just Like POS Dear Dad?

By sassygirl38699
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Marine Level 8 Sep 18, 2018

That whole family are POS


The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.


I hope the whole trump crime family rots in jail.

Secretguy Level 7 Sep 17, 2018

I'm just trying to picture what the history books will say about the trump presidency.

Paracosm Level 8 Sep 17, 2018

The good ol boy network is still up and running. The high school accuser knew full well they would deny it and so did NOT wish her name revealed, sadly that was not respected.
trump jr is being his usual asshole self.


With all there is for the man to do, it seems inadvisable for this to be his priority. Who is doing the real work of President while this man is occupied with tweeting and rabble-rousing.?

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