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What is a genius? If you look at a book and memorize it the sentence construction of the written words the paragraph structure the different words with their definitions. The math it, took to put the material together to erect the books. This information can be tested upon and is on a scale of what the average person can retain to get an on average on an intelligence quotient test. So a genius will score much higher because they memorized the material longer and more in-depth. This is an obscure and irrational measure of genius. To be a genius you need to be a creative look for unconventional ways to solve problems. Just because people spend the majority of life memorizing written data this makes themselves smart does, not necessarily mean they are genius.

By azzow29
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that is a ridiculous and untrue definition of genius and it's not even what an iq test is or does. it may be flawed as a measure of genius, mostly but not solely because there are so many kinds of genius, but neither is it as you describe it. memorization has zip to do with what's on an iq test and will not help anyone on one. i can't help thinking this comes from a defensive, anti-intellectual perspective.


genessa Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

and who looks at a book to memorize the sentence structure? that's not why i read books. i don't know anyone who reads books for that purpose, unless they're grammar books!


@genessa if you take an IS test sentence structure is important.

@azzow2 sentence structure is certainly important but it is not what is being measured. do you think it should have NO importance?


@genessa I agree mostly because I type like I think not by the set in stone rules of grammar

@azzow2 i type as i think too, in informal settings. not every setting is informal, and even informally, if you cannot make yourself clear, grammatically, people will not always understand what you're saying. grammar is not its own object. it's a tool. should iq tests be given in grunts and moans instead of words, because it's not fair to expect people to understand words?


@genessa I am not looking for a specific answer unlike another silly rule of an IQ test.

Exactly an IQ test is a prejudicial measure of academia never has this been adjusted for people that can not handle regular school. It is ment to conform society to proceed in a controlled manner.

@azzow2 well if you spell meant "ment" i can see why you think this is prejudicial, but with all the flaws, the REAL flaws, inherent in iq tests, not being adjusted to people who cannot handle regular school is NOT one of its flaws.


@genessa Typing on kindle very hard to correct anything.

@azzow2 okay, i don't have kindle but i believe you. and i am not immune to typos, and i apologize for what might seem a low blow. the rest of my post stands.


I have to agree with this . The original post , makes no sense what so ever . The person making it up , has no idea what he's talking about , but is just trying to pretend he's intelligent .


Also, the ability to do arithmetic mentally is not a good measure of intelligence. ?

You will already know where I am going with this. In the military to become an officer there are 3 ways this can happen first is to go college then apply for a commission. Then the harder way comes you start as an enlisted and work over a great many years and become a warrant officer. The last is very uncommon and only happens in time of war where it the superior officer is killed in action they promote with in the ranks. The second situation almost never happens in a civilian situation.

@azzow2 I'm not sure this is at all germane to what I said, unless I missed a step that connects the idea. I know very little about military life.

@memorylikeasieve i My apologies i typed this on my kindle and intend to attached it to HippieChick58 post. My kids are using the desk top to play chess.

@azzow2 ah. No worries.


I think there are many types of intelligence. Some folks can read books and spout use the information. Some people can read people/situations and react to that information. I think the term "genius" is essentially meaningless. What good is it if you know everything but cannot communicate, or communicate in such a way to offend people. My ex is very smart, and condescending as hell. He may have the answer but he was so offensive to listen to that you didn't care.

Exactly there are countless measures of intelligence for the world of academia to set specific rules to be classed as a genius is in it self prejudicial.

@azzow2 i am not aware that academia has set guidelines or rules for genius. academia sets guidelines for advancement in academia. there is very little academic interest in genius apart from that small portion of it actually studying genius, which has nothing to do with academia's general concerns. colleges want to know your aptitude for learning (specifically that) among other things (that's a very important "among" there) when deciding whom to accept into their institutions. they do not require anyone to be a genius so they don't test to see who's a genius. mensa cares whether someone is a genius. i've been a member. i quit. those people are DUMB.


@genessa Yes every every one of them I have talked to they are clinical almost like autistic with facts and no emotion.

@azzow2 every one of who, and how many is that?


@genessa The MENSA several at different times and places.

@azzow2 mensa is not actually academia. and who at mensa? you're basing your premise on that?


@genessa Has been many years that scene was in Pennsylvania and I moved away in 2003 I could not recall a single name.

@azzow2 i didn't need names. but my experience of mensa is that their main concern was whether smart people should have more babies than dumb people. feh. that's not academia.


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