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I had a shock today as I found a picture of my grandmother who died ,just months before insulin was invented for diabetes, she got it from the shock when she saw a munitions factory nearby blow up high into the sky with all her friends and workmates in it ( WW1 ), so well before I was born.
I also found my grandfather and a picture of my aunt as a really young girl about six years old and my father and two uncles . I still haven't got over it even though it was hours ago my stomach is all weird . I left home at 15 y.o because my family were so awful but seeing my father as a little boy is excruciatingly, some feeling I haven't got a word for.

By jacpod8
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Old photos will do that, and I hope you come to a place where you can treasure them. After my dad died, I discovered an old suitcase in the attic of the garage, which I recognized from my youth as my grandmother's suitcase. Inside was a lifetime full of photos and documents of my grandparents lives, from their kindergarten graduation to the check register that showed the payment for the funeral (my dad's writing). Their naturalization papers, driver's licenses, medical documents, photos of my dad as a boy. It seems almost wrong to be able to condense a human's lengthy life in that manner. The scanning task still lies ahead, and is quite daunting.

Might this have been the sabotage explosion at Black Tom island near Jersey City?

Over time, it might become possible, through the images you have found, to see your family is a slightly different light, and hopefully a better one.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

No they lived in Canning Town England, hats where the explosion was, in the East End which is near the Isle of Dogs (the poor bit )my family were originally from France but emigrated here before the first world war and yes thanks I ma coming to terms within it quite well now it was such a surprise and a blow all at the same time I had a lump in my chest.


Sometimes I think it best that my estranged siblings took all of the family photos.
That's rough feeling that loss as you are.

AmiSue Level 8 Sep 20, 2018

I did not know diabetes could be brought on by shock. I think it's wonderful you found these old photos, I hope they will become treasured possessions after the discomfort wears off.

thank you! feeling better already! I did recognise my father and uncles but it was the grandmother that undid me because she looked so kind I felt i had missed her and so sad she missed the insulin discovery


Old pictures often have tales that go with them. Future generations may never have the opportunity to know these things, with everything being digital and on different formats. The days of finding a box of old pictures may be over. I found pictures of my parents when they were much younger, before they were married and had me. Some of when they were just children. It is kind of shocking, you don't think of them that way, they were always adults from the time you first met. You are lucky to have been able to see them in ways you never did before.

thank you yes I do feel lucky now the shock is over


You are aching for the what might have beens. It's a tough place. I wish you peace.

Thank you wise HippieChick!

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