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So anyone else have a problem with new rich scientists not supporting poor faction resiliancy and fieldcraft training to help us get more representation against the new government religious infiltrated part looking to disarm the greatest threat armed atheist potheads. What do you do to meet with like minded people to keep each other safe

Antitheistdv1620 3 Jan 25

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Everyone read federalist papers number 10 then realize they are disarming subversion for religious safe spaces

  1. I do have a problem with rich scientists, they should work for free
  2. poor faction resiliency is above my cognitive understanding, must be bad
  3. fieldcraft training must have something to do with boy scouts, those little
  4. New government religious infiltrated....I never liked Theocracies.
  5. Armed atheist potheads- are loaded bongs illegal? A little weed is
    probably a coping mechanism to deal with theist.
  6. I have no problem meeting like minded atheist, I go to church and talk with the people whom look like they wish they were invisible, sitting next to their family members.

Factions are outlined in the federalist papers number 10 it how you identify who disarm you for being subversive with their biased religious fieldcraft we don't have to keep us safe in the future


I believe the only possible comment here is, "Huh?"


its okay. I don't like Sessions either.


I think the perennial roasted patchwork of simian dung is largely. Last week the vildet slipped and gave a jolt to the faction resiliancy that is going to require we bring in a left-handed veeblefetzer to fetz its veebles before it can return to proper shape, being not too resilient in the first place. In the meantime, our armed atheist potheads will have to make do with brown wrapping paper and bronze prebent nails.

You know your duty. Hop to it, sailor.

Ok I retract my bid.

My stomach hurts.


you write like you have been smoking pot with James Joyce


Nobody gets rich as a scientist.

(Do I win?)

If tiu sell companies in silicon valley you do and have problems with regression leading American politics


That is the most paranoid ramble I have seen in a long time.

Except their is the federalist society aimed with an office of religious safety disarming mmj


Well let me see -- Is that a picture of you guys eating your baby?!! I don't how to help. That was the best I could do. I don't meet with any like minded people, except on this site🙂

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