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Many atheists groups on f/b advocate that they should be closed groups mainly because it's useless to talk to theists, but for me I always advocate that such groups should go public because You can't be effective if you can't be heard.what's ur view?

Greenheart 7 Sep 20

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Go public loud and clear.

...and locked and louded? 😉


Most of the closed atheist groups on facebook I'm familiar with are closed because people don't feel comfortable being open about their atheism and want a place to feel comfortable having discussions or venting. Making them public would keep people from joining.


there is a difference between a theist and a religionist. a theist believes in a god. s/he may do so quietly; s/he may or may not consider the believed-in god to be an integral part if his/her life. s/he may discuss the matter with friends or not. s/he doesn't necessarily proselytize, or try to legislate/enforce/adjudicate religion. a religionist is intent upon telling atheists they're going to hell, legislating against whatever his/her religion is against and for whatever it is for, wants executives and judges to be on the same religious page, and has been known to troll atheist (and other-religion-from-own) forums. you can publicly declare what you believe and theists might scroll by, or read interestedly, or respond politely. religionists will troll you no matter how reasonable you think you're being. you see the difficulty? maybe groups should be closed and individuals should speak openly, at their own comfort level. best of both worlds?



When it comes to just about any social media platform I’m familiar with, most of the exchanges between differing points of view are void of civility and respect. As a result, the platforms become echo chambers of like-minded automatons. If a platform exists where the ideas are more important than the personalities, I'd like to know about it!

In my opinion, ideas are like assholes, we all have one, and we’d all best drop the pretense and just put our ideas out on the table, and let the others bat it around and beat it up. In this way, the best ideas win. And that's all that matters, right? Not who put the idea out there, but which one was the best. Once we are able to divorce our egos from the ideas that pop into our heads, and can see them on that table as detached, ill-formed thoughts, perhaps we can advance beyond tribalism and our own self-admiration.

"If a platform exists where the ideas are more important than the personalities, I'd like to know about it!" - - So you do not think that is such a platform?

@Matias Sadly, even on this platform, Matias, I've found, or been found by, trolls and shills, and the occasional thin-skinned whiner who seems to prefer to interpret comments in a manner that enables them to claim an injury. As a student of Stephen Covey, I strive to practice the 7 habits, the 5th of which is "seek first to understand, then be understood."

@pnfullifidian If you believe that a world without trolls and other a--holes is even conceivable, you must be a religious person, because this world would be "heaven" and only the faithful believe that some day somewhere they will be alone and undisturbed whereas all the evil, wicked and obnoxious elements will be elsewhere suffering...

@Matias Of course I don't believe that such a world exists, but you did ask if I thought that THIS platform might be a place where 'ideas were more important than personalities' and, to me at least, the jury is still out on that one.


I think it's better to engage IF the atheists are articulate and cordial and firm and patient and well-versed in the sciences, logic, and reason, and are good at debunking myths and superstitions. Then I think you have a chance of swaying people. If it devolves into a shouting match that is counter-productive.

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