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This post is for a debate. What caused the universe? The big bang is NOT the correct answer. I agree with the big bang theory. But its a BANG, not a cause. What caused the bang? How can we find know?

Christologist 4 Sep 26

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A vacuum. I'm not a scientist, but my understanding is that the collapse of a previous universe was the precursor to our current one.


Above my paygrade...and I'm trying to figure if it should matter to don't think so. Interesting but no


the question is not what caused the big bang. the question is what IF ANYTHING caused the big bang or whatever came before it. if we believe in infinity forward it behooves us to believe at least in its possibility backwards. we're used to cause and effect; cause and effect is a good thing to get used to -- but maybe it just keeps going in both directions. it's like grammar: there are exceptions!



Many are now saying the universe has always existed and keeps renewing itself. There was NO "big bang."

Link: No Big Bang? The universe may have existed forever, according to a new model that applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein's theory of general relativity. The model may also account for dark matter and dark energy, resolving multiple problems at once.

Read more at: []



Same as creativity in humans. Neurological studies observe brain reactions but no one knows what action the brain is reacting to.


Our universe is roughly 13.7 billion years of age, but there may be an endless number of universes that predate, or even coexist with, our own. There is, it seems to me, an infinite regression / succession of causes and effects, which do not require an 'uncaused cause,' or deity. This only raises the question as to what caused its existence, and if there is one thing we are able to ponder, it is the impossibility of a first cause or a last effect.

And yet, as my avatar, who was a Deist, believed, even if there were an almighty entity that created the universe and its laws, it clearly has moved on to other things, and takes no interest in our daily existence. The laws which guide the universe, including the steady chain of causes and effects, have never been interfered with or broken. If science has shown us anything it is that miracles exist only in our imaginations.

@Christologist The concept of infinity is clearly an abstraction. At this point we need to depart from math and physics (as we understand them) in order to contemplate the 'infiinite' past and future. Thus, we enter the realm of philosophy, wherein objectivity and logic are indeterminate. And, just to be clear, whether or not you have a hidden agenda, and are merely moving pawns at this juncture, based on your correspondence thus far, I don't take you to be an 'opinionated asshole.'


This is a very loaded question which pre-supposes the universe had a cause.

@Christologist I did. Word salad.

@Christologist "Nothing can be infinite in time. This is not a theory, this is mathematics, logic, testable, repeatable, and observable."

I disagree. Please cite your evidence for this assertion

The staircase analogy is just wrong in every way. There is no top or bottom to an infinite staircase, because it is infinite.

If you have evidence that the universe has a cause or even that it needed a cause, please present it.


From the books I have read the correct answer would be is we just don't know at least as yet.

gearl Level 7 Sep 26, 2018

@Christologist If I have cancer, I don't go to a mechanic to get advice. I don't go to a dentist, or a politician but instead I go to a medical doctor that has an expertise in cancer. I don't have a doctorate in cosmology so I don't claim to know all there is to know but I am curious and I read books by folks that do have degrees and have spent their lives learning and working on the issues. It seems very conciliatory and disingenuous of you to to judge that I have not investigated and come to conclusions based on meaningful inquiry. What credentials do you have that allows you to have the answers? As you haven't presented anything, it sounds more like you have something akin to faith. If you have some evidence then present it.

@Christologist I'm sorry but that to me is nothing but a lot of words providing absolutely no evidence. Logic is pretty worthless without evidence to back it up. Again that is a tactic that religious folk use to try and explain something they can't explain. The god of the gaps argument.

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