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Hello to everyone! Where is everyone from? I'm from Manitoba, Canada.

cat673 5 Sep 27

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San Diego! ?


Howdy and welcome here. I am from Nebraska.


North Central Indiana


Welcome. I'm down in Florida.


Allen Park, Michigan here!

MarcT Level 7 Sep 28, 2018

Welcome! Sherwood Arkansas


Albuquerque, New Mexico

@cat673 New Mexico, or Mexico?


Detroit area, Michigan

@cat673 It would be a drive. I wouldn't mind visiting Winnipeg some day.


The middle of Middle-America - central Missouri here.


Welcome. Southern California here.

@cat673 we have our moments?, but generally, yes, it's a pretty good group.


Pennsylvania. Hope you enjoy your time here.

JimG Level 8 Sep 27, 2018

@cat673 you're welcome.


I have lived in so many places not really sure I where I am from it is certain that it is the U.S.A. Welcome


I’m originally from Winnipeg, have lived in Houston,TX for 20 years. Welcome to the site!


Huntington, West Virginia. Hello, and how are you?

@cat673 Doing well, thanks.


Buenos Aires, Argentina living in USA since 1980.


Love Canada.

My grandfather homesteaded in Northern Saskatchewan so I've traveled many miles in your wonderful Nation.

North Dakota is where I am from.

@cat673 If you ever want to do a road trip for another 262 miles to the state capital, []
drop me a line. My home theater seats 21 (I only have 10 3d glasses) and I have several unused bedrooms set up for crashing.


I have a an ex brother in law, lives in Land Mark , my ex wife's brother that is. I'm in London UK, as I learnt that there is a London in Canada, and lost a competition for furthest visitor, by just saying London


Canada eh! Our Northern neighbor with the greener grass, especially with our leader. From rural Pennsylvania - which has been described thus: Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between (sorry Alabama)


Hi, Cat, and welcome to the website!

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Nebraska. Wanna trade? You can have trump. I'll take Justin.

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