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Bwaaaahahaha... how pathetic.. now l was just blocked from 'the offender group,, block this' group, for posting something that offended them... bwaaaaahahahahaha....??? what a bunch of hypocrites... Apparently they can dish it out, but they certainly can't take it... ???? This place is getting more pathetic by the minute..

Captain_Feelgood 8 Oct 1

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Isn't this an oxymoron?

Pretty stupid, huh...


As a political moderate, the conservatives in this thread are great examples of why it's hard to associate with them, even if you don't always disagree.

The alt-right is just a cult for dumbasses. They squawk "libtard" and cry about how the liberals are out to get them because no one believes their dumbass news article linked from dumbass Breitbart.

I didn't always agree with conservatives of the past (though I disagreed a lot less), but when they were in charge you knew they thought of you as a person. You could challenge them, they would challenge you right back. Things were done or said in good faith, because you knew you were ultimately on the same side.

Not with these dumbasses.


Sorry, you mentioned an article from a hate site that has since been removed from business. Our description clearly states, no cultural bashing.. We weren't offended but felt bad for you! πŸ˜‰

In the group description it says ''Please refrain from cultural insults, gender....'' but l guess that only applies one way.. So attempting to show a different side of a position is taboo to people there? Do you not see the hypocrisy?

@Captain_Feelgood again I apologize but because you have brought this up I have amended the description to state no hate site references will be allowed. I thought that was a given. Perhaps you didn't know that was a well-known hate site? Please PM me if you want to discuss this further. We have always welcomed opposing views. I am unable to message you. Perhaps you have turned the function off for some reason?


Comments are at 666 .. that's funny rit dere


Oh yes the conservative voice let's start out with name calling if that doesn't work let's go to whataboutism then summon all of your logic and reason and come up with a conspiracy.
I just lie about the whole damn thing and get it over with.


You brag about trolling the whole site in the conservative group .


Medication adjustments are definitely needed, someone Now!


Growing Pains.


I didn't see the post nor am I in the offender group, but, if it's anything like your post to start this thread, you were blocked because of your trollish behavior. All that "bwaaaahahaha" crap is straight out of the Troll Handbook. Hostility, name-calling? That's going to win friends and influence people? Not so much.

@Trajan61 I know you're not smart enough to see the irony.


When it comes to conservatives most of us do not see facts. We are not shown facts. Instead we see a man as POTUS who is hated in most of the political world and has been barred from 2 funerals. A man who wanted to tell the UN that he has done more for America than any other president and he got laughed at. A man that makes every situation all about himself.

1st off, the post had nothing to do with the potus, only the politically left hates him, McCain's own family said he wasn't banned from the funeral... etc, etc. but l understand. You hate him.. we get it. Good luck with that.


Then don't let the door hit your arse on the way out, mate.

Don't worry, mate, l'm not going anywhere. ??

Agreed. This kind of childish bullshit is neither wanted or needed here. Bye beyotch!

@OpposingOpposum I didn't see the original exchange, but let me guess: typical fat American broflake getting all bent out of shape because someone didn't put up with his childish bullshit? How am I doing?


This is how people see you the moment you say "Libtard."



That’s the way the libtards are. They curse and rant and rave but when we conservatives respond with something they don’t like they just go off the deep end.

Did you go see the post? I didn't even say anything, just put up some links to other sites... Damn.. what a bunch of tards they are..

Try facts. Not nonsense about some unrelated past event. πŸ™‚

@Captain_Feelgood I missed it all, Well just wanted you to know I never a a problem with you. I did see where a comment you made was removed, but I never got to read it, Is what what you're talking about?. Maybe you can share the links with me, If you don't mind. I will either agree or disagree.

@Gooniesnvrdie Kavanaigh is a lot better choice for the Supreme Court than the 4 looney liberal judges on there so what are you talking about?

@kenriley This is one of the sites l posted. []
l think this is the other one. []
There are so many like these out there, l'm not sure.
l was under the impression that it was okay to present different opinions for the discussion, but l guess not.. Looks like if you do that, you're just trolling.. pffft.. what ever.

@Captain_Feelgood no you're posting unsubstantiated nonsense as an argument and crying when it's pointed out that your arguments don't have a leg to stand on.

@DenoPenno Try applying your own advice.

@Gooniesnvrdie You are very radical.

@DaphneDarling Kavanaigh is a constitutional scholar who will likely uphold the constitution of the US in his rulings, unlike Ginsburg, Breyer, Kegan and Sontimeyer who prefer to legislate from the bench.

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