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I recently hit level 6 and have noticed I can now now approve or disapprove people's comments on other posts. I had no idea that was the way levels worked.

Rufus_Maximus 7 Jan 29

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At higher levels, they basically make you a moderator of sorts. It diffuses the amount of work that each Admin has to do.

Each? I think there's only one!

Each? I think there's only one!

@d_day Ahhhhhhh, but we don't know, do we? Tis a mystery, eh, mate? πŸ™‚

Well, either way, it's less work for them on a site that's growing very rapidly. It was actually a really smart idea on their part to let us monitor each other.


So it’s basically just saying that they have not broken rules? I noticed the same thing when I hit six, I just approve anything that’s not offensive, but for a little while I was worried why their comments might be blocked, and refrained from a few.


I think it's relatively new.


That surprised me as well! I tend to approve all that I see. πŸ™‚ It is someone's opinion and they deserve to be heard. I've yet to see anything inappropriate.


Use your new power sparingly and always for good never for evil. Luke.


I will always approve new comments, but I don't necessarily "like" them.


To keep this site wonderful, those that are with this power will not abuse it. all voices are to be heard but to stop a troll blog is fine. I just hope as we near the mid term elections, we will be able to notice outside influence.

EMC2 Level 8 Jan 29, 2018

you have the power!!!


Go for level 7 now. I'm almost halfway to level 8.


Yup! I think probably all of us understand free speech and approve approve approve. I think if somebody was not approving comments that should be approved, @admin would yank the approving privilege in a jif.

So far, we've 0 issues with members approving/denying text (we re-review some denied texts)


I'm close to level 6. I don't agree with censorship. I will not be using that feature unless someone is obviously being disruptive.


I've only approved everything so far, none of it was harmful. It's not a bad idea to use peer approval, but I suppose it could be abused.

if you don't approve it goes to admin for consideration


Hmm, that's good to know. Thanks for that info.


Yup. Essentially, @silvereyes is now our god.

@silvereyes Not our god, then.... our benevolent overlord? Is that better, Your Magnificence?


Yes... you have been noted as a responsible forum leader. Use this privilege to continue the maturity of our forum.


I hope when I make level 6 god grants me the wisdom to make the right judgments.


Damn, I just hit level 5 and found out my posts go live immediately. Didn't even realize the previous posts didn't.

I just like to share my notsohumbleopinions a lot lol

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