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“So effing cute!!”

resserts 8 Jan 29

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Yeah, I want my dog to stay a dog, just a dumb love machine.




LOL - only I'm a cat person and they'd never succomb to the capitalist illusion.

No, they'd just perpetuate it. 😛

@resserts touche' 🙂

@resserts but this one is not gonna generate the comments the cheese one did!! LMAO

@silverotter11 Haha, nope. I guess cheese holds a special place in people's hearts, not to mention their digestive tract.

@resserts LOL - I have a freind who bicycled around Europe back in the 80's and when he got to France the food he found most appealing was bread and cheese, he ended up at an ER with severe constipation. Even all the cycling could not dislodge the cheese.

@silverotter11 Oh, wow! Not to take pleasure in your friends pain, but that's really funny. I like cheese a little too much. It makes it so hard to give up pizza.

@resserts Everything in moderation.

@silverotter11 Your comment reminds me of when I was in Europe. A couple of friends loved France and visited it often. I had an Opel station wagon and they would borrow it and bring me. As soon as we crossed the border we would stop in a store and buy a bottle of cheap wine, a baguette, and a big piece of cheese. I would get in the back and eat and drink and take a nice nap. It was the best way to travel.

@silverotter11 Too much is never enough. 😉

@resserts I will suffer death by cheesy cheese balls, like potatoe chips I can't seem to eat just one.


Awe! Poor puppy...


Lol.... yep... my wife's dogs are queens. And they're


It is somewhat perplexing what simpler times are though. If they contend just a 100 years back flu and illness would kill thousands, 1000 years back plague would kill hundreds of thousands 100,000 years back no language and everyone just grunted at each other.

No rose colored glasses for you then... lol! 🙂

Well, as he's looking at a picture of himself when he was carefree, I'd say it was no more than a decade ago. 🙂

@resserts Did not think the flu vaccination has been around that long, just within the last 15 or so years chickenpox vaccination came out. I never understand those political cartoons.


Lol aww this is cute!


haha that's effin brilliant

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