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I once had a young lady condemn me on Facebook for saying that all religions are one of the biggest starters of war and deaths of different races. She said that her christian religion did not do that. I reminded her about all the things done in "christ name." The wiping out of entire races in the new world, the inquisition, the witch hunts, the crusades, etc..
While wars have been started for a lot reasons, religion is the leading cause. Next comes power, wealth, greed. Oh wait that describes religion.

commander42 5 Jan 29

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they love to cherry pick everything. and ignorant of most of its history, and why it did rise in power and popularity. it was not its message, it was its sword.

its lust for money.


"She said that her christian religion did not do that."

The retort I always hear is "They weren't "true Christians™." Devout believers tend to deal with cognitive dissonance when faced with Christianity's dark past.


I have had Christians tell me that the wars were started by lost souls; that they weren't true Christians.

Kind of makes you shake your head to try to get rid of all the stupid out there.


Yep, I have said the same things on facebook as well. It's always blah blah blah not my religion blah blah blah.


Of course she would say that ....


I have a saying, "War is not always in Religion, but Religion is always in war."


The fact is war is never about religion. All wars are started due to economics. Religions only serve to give the unfortunate soldiers (and their families) who fight in the wars a reason to waste their lives fighting other people they have never met and would probably like if they did. There is a giant oil pipeline running through Afghanistan, for example. Why else would so many countries care about that place, coca production? How much of that oil money will the soldiers get?

I mean if we're going to get technical religion isn't even about religion.


yeah, no....people start wars...all people have ideas...wars almost always are because of elbow room and resources...the rest is just organizing techniques.

@atheist any idea will work...unity makes good soldiers...religion is a high concept and have to do whatever it takes to convince your troops they are on the 'right side'...blaming religion on war is the same thing as blaming a gun on war...sure, it makes the war fun, but we would still do it if we didn't have it...


and the knights templer


Actually "Resources" seems to be the number one cause of war. I would have thought religion as well! And even when in the Catholic faith I sure knew the Vatican had it's hand in a number of wars. It might have been behind the scenes - but they were there. In some cases they are still active.


Hi there brother... use your knowledge and wisdom carefully on social media. Ignorance is all around you. you really don't know who your friends are out there and you don't know who wants to shout out at you to make a name for themself. Loud people draw attention. In here your home. Say whats on your mine.


I've had that conversation with many. They wouldn't have looked as sad, angry and/or confused if I'd drop kicked their favorite puppy.


What was her reply to that?

Sacha Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

she didn't respond. Just another example of a closed brainwashed mind.


And at the risk of quoting the xian bible, cast. ye not your pearls before swine, lest they trample them. under their feet, and turn again and rend you. Save your gems for someone who will appreciate them.


Have pity on her, she has not been taught to think critically and free her mind from the yoke of religious sheepelry.


You must also deny that America works with slave owning gulf states and cyber enemies to make capitolism work.

America does colluede with foreign powers that are involved in antihumanist activities for the sake of power and financial gain. Hopefully we are more concerned about humanism that religion in foreign affirs in the future.


I would not like the ignorance of others get you down, the evidence is on your side.


I have relatives that condemn me, if I point out such strings, too!


"According to the Encyclopedia of War, out of all known/recorded historical conflicts, only about 7% had religion as their primary cause, and of that percentage, 4% were related to Islam."~ wikipedia. so she's more right than she is wrong. Also the crusades AND the inquisition were a reaction to the land lost to islamic conquests. Its important you guys realise that pretty much the whole roman empire was christian at the end and only became islamic after they were conquered and forced to convert. The witch hunting was just pretty universal across all time until the western world (WHO WERE VERY CHRISTIAN) put a stop to it with the help of their empires.

Christianity did not come about until around 300 ACE. By then the Roman empire was on decline. There may have been resource issues as the cause of many wars but religion was a major promoter of the wars. I lived in Europe 15 years and the house I lived in was destroyed in 1689 because my town had adopted Lutheranism. It was French Catholics that destroyed the town. European history is Christian history and it is mostly about wars. Unfortunately, the world is full of religious apologists who are quick to deny history to further their own ideas. No amount of evidence based reasoning will get through to them.

The cruades were in fact a religious war, the initial or first crusade was in response to islamic pressure. The following crusades were actually more driven by money and power for the Catholic church. The Inquisition was was started as a direct attack on the Knights Templer that the Catholic church was indebt to. The theory was simple, accuse the Knights Templers of being herotics and the debt would become nullified and they could confiscated their assets. Thats exactly what they did.

There would have been no witch hunting at the time if it was not for the influence of Christianity. It only stopped during the time of the Salam Witch triles once the governers wife was accused of being a witch. It was stooped then by the government NOT the church.

@DavidLaDeau The entire middle east was christian before the islamic conquests so regardless of who called for them they could be easily justified on the grounds that they had been wrongfully taken to begin with

@Gabriel The ENTIRE middle east was not Christian, but a good part of it was before Islam was invented by Muhammad. Anyone can justify anything they wish. There were worshipers of Mithros there before the Christians that could have used the same excuse had they survived.


So once you pointed out those atrocities to her did she agree with you?


Didn't hear from her again.


So what was her response?

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