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What up my Gingers?
Ginger, please.


SkotlandSkye 8 Oct 6

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very beautiful color


Nothing like the soulless

Qiru Level 6 Oct 6, 2018

I was a ginger now I'm a grey. ? but I still have my gingertude.


I love gingers


Prince Harry has made gingers fashionable. It no longer is a term of mockery, of course it never should’ve been anyway. My favourite redhead is Ed Sheerin....

Erm...I was ginger before any of the above mentioned!

@Amisja Yes, the only ginger I ever was ....was out of a bottle! You are the real article! ?


Well.... I'm never going to call a redhead a ginger again.

We own it now


How does it go? Red in the head fire in the bed.


Yay gingerpride!!

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