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Non-rhetorical question:

How can politicians represent us when they are being paid millions to represent someone else?

Piratefish 7 Oct 8

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If we have the same objectives as the people who pay them millions then all is good. If not then the system is in trouble. Now we need full disclosure so it's clear what they are doing.

Stig Level 5 Oct 9, 2018

One study has found that the US is indeed an oligarchy that, by and large, disregards its citizenry in favor of the economic elite.


@Piratefish The truth is out. Hurra!!


That's correct. They do not represent us and they are being paid millions. Currently some of that money comes from:

  1. One Nation America. Org.
  2. The Heritage Foundation
  3. Senate Leadership Fund

Those and others will provide you with mailbox notification of who to vote for and it will be backed up by Fox News. Once you are in office the Kock brothers, Mercers, and others will pay you the millions to vote for things in their interests. You might be able to retire early or even retire rich. The bottom line is that you are not a Patriotic American. You are a sellout, traitor scumbag!

List of largest individual campaign donors: []

List of the largest lobbies: []

And these are just the ones we know about.


Because most of America is willfully ignorant and lazy

I wish people would be just half as passionate about the things that really matter in society as they are about sports.


Short answer: they can't (& don't)!


Citizens United v FEC was the death of American democracy



Exactly. How ?


They have our best interests at heart. (Our = their bank account, and heart = their bank account.)


The US has the best politicians money can buy. & since corporations have individual standing like a natural born citizen, politicians can call their corporate masters "constituents" & not, technically, be lying. ?


They stopped representing us decades ago.


The easy answer is they don't.


Aaahhh, yaassssss, our supposed "representatives"

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