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It's just occurred to me that at some point on Friday this site will reach 50,000 members. Not too shabby smile001.gif

By ipdg778
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Excellent, it shows that there are people out there who are not afraid to think and speak outside of the box.

Triphid Level 8 Oct 12, 2018

That's an encouraging statistic. A lot more members than I would have thought.




Activity seems to have slowed down a lot on the site though, judging by the content of the list of new posts which used to be totally different every day. Now more than half of the first page of them aren't new. I think part of the problem is that the software doesn't call you back to threads that people have commented after you, and there's no easy way to find those threads again, so you simply never check. That leads to you taking part less and less over time, so most of the members probably don't even look in now.


50,000 free thinkers! Yay! ?


Oh, yeah, then I realize I won't reach level 9 for another 21 years and my perspective gets adjusted.

Too high a score is a call for help.



Umbral Level 8 Oct 9, 2018

That is freakin' awesome!!!
Best news I've heard all week!!!!

KKGator Level 9 Oct 9, 2018

Well that calls for a celebration!

SukiSue Level 8 Oct 9, 2018

The more the merrier.

@Aivery I noticed they don't last long here. They just a nucense that goes away in a few days.

@Aivery I enjoy it the Theists ( Faithfools) try to show me the ' light' because I can, in turn, try to give them directions towards Reality instead.



DoubleJ Level 4 Oct 9, 2018

Its quite active here.


Growth and interest is good. ?

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