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You just don't need God to have a fantastic experience. I know I don't love horses any less than I did when I was religious as a teen. Sharing a birthday picture. It's not really an thing I just wanted to share. We've been relying on these creatures for a long time.

DragonDust 6 Oct 9

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Majestic animals with great personalities. They can smell you better than they can see you. I knew one that loved bannas .

They are fantastic.



I love horses also, and Australia!

That horse looks somewhat "Morgan" in build, but many Australian Walers are compact.

I had many breeds in Haiti and the US.

Haiti: Haitian mustang stallion, Akhal Teke throwback mare - they had a buckskin colt that could do a broken rack at a steady 15 mph for mile after mile without jiggling me as I rode bareback, without a bridle.

US, Colorado: Arabian gelding.
US, Kentucky: pure breeds and grade mixes of gaited breeds..mostly five-gaited, racking, and Tennessee Walking horse, used mostly for trail riding in the mountains which surrounded our farm, following horse trails to other counties, etc. but also for jumping and driving with a horse cart.

Pic: Me jumping a log on Banjo, my Tennesse Walking horse during a trail ride near Soldier, Kentucky.

Driving Banjo on a Daniel Boone National Forest access road, near Morehead, KY.

Well Bill here is a standard bred ex racer. So you have to work with him so it doesn't automatically pace. I've ridden many horses of various breeds in my youth. This is a riding school and I plan to get horses myself again.

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