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Let's play a game, my fellow heathens! See how many points you can rack up per the sinner sign! I got 24, but to be honest I gave myself one point each for being immodest AND rebellious.

NicThePoet 7 Feb 1

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Go to Heaven for climate and Hell for company... Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain


He needs to go to hell for wearing that tie... I got 22.

I had the same thought about the tie!

@WickedNicki I'm beginning to think you two are just looking for excuses to wrestle naked.


I feel lame. I only scored a 15. I need to work on my heathenism. 😟

Me too! I feel like a failure.... 😟

@BeeHappy, L 😀 L !


There's no mention of trying to kill people, so that part must be ok ? Or murder. I guess I missed it.
Does it count if you are already in hell ?


I'm at 17. I need to try harder.


Cricky! Merciless devil and an occulant witch whore who does dirty dancing while smoking pot drinking alcohol and saying bad things with my potty mouth while listening to some ganster rap and rock and roll, with some porn on in the background. Then gossiping with some whores, before taking all the , girly men and manly women and lesbians to masterbate and do naughty other things. before getting back to my life as an atheist money hungry career pursuer with my muslim Jew, Hindu and Hare krishana friends.
Im going to burn in hell baby yeah!!

Sacha Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

I got 30...what do I win, pat? 'Liar' is such a hard one, since I rarely lie or need to, but I did used to blatantly lie to braggarts...Them "I can do a 550lb bench press." "Oh yeah, I can lift your mom. Beat that." I totally couldn't lift their mom...see what I did there?

I counted again: 31 this time...woo hoo....(I am pretty sure anybody who has been in a punk band is gonna score around the same)

@ScienceBiker then time makes a liar out of all of us.

  1. I guess we'll all be throwing a party together when we get to hell!

EDIT: "And every other form of life that is contrary for God"... I'm gonna use that to give myself a supplemental score of 500.

i'm in it with bells on!


I only got 18 and I had to count being Catholic to do it.

If I can count Catholic, I'm up to 18. Weak.

just keep trying - you'll succeed eventually 🙂


He's missed holy paedophiles and genocidal cultists. Oh, that's right, they're going to heaven.


I think I got 16. I'd consider myself a sin-friendly heresy teacher


22! I admitted lying, I hope I was bing truthful...


if it only takes one to put me in hell.... I see you there. Many of those things are in my past. I will leave them there.


Haaahaaa I got 22

@ScienceBiker oh totally! That makes conferences what? Witch orgies? 🙂


I got 26. I had to laugh at "bitter people" because the people who usually have these signs aren't exactly exuding friendliness, lol.


same, 24 (each one for immodest & rebelious) 😀😛 (6)

  1. Damn! I've not lived!

I didn't know that Mary-Worshipping Catholics was as reviled as party animals.

I think it is because Caths have bingo and booze.


I got 21. I guess none of are getting into heaven. Oh well.


I'm in bed on my I can't read it well but I'm around 17 i can figure out.


I only got 12, but Hell will be ok. Most of my coworkers will be there anyway, so at least I won't be lonely.

Adele Level 2 Feb 2, 2018

Cool got 30. Now if I can only find this person so I can stand next to them with a ghetto blaster playing highway to hell while wearing assless chaps with my foamy the squirrel is your Lord and master shirt and drinking a 40

I salute you, sir.


That's quite a specific list. Does it count if you WANT to be one of those. I've always wanted to be whore monger, but I've never known where to apply.

I'm going to say yes on this one. I gave myself a point for tattoos because I fully intend to get one, but do not have one yet.


8 .They need my address to send the halo


You guys, I posted this game on Facebook too... I got two likes and no actual participation out of 190 people. So glad I found a place full of people who get this humor/get me, or at least try to!


23 (maybe more) What denomination is that - Insane in the Membrane? I'm confused - what is a Christ denying Jew? Isn't that all Jews? I mean if you accept Christ, that makes you a Christian, right? I do agree with the Jehovah's Witnesses though - they are pure evil.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 1, 2018
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