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Who else (I hope there is someone) is finding that as they get older they are more likely to cry at the drop of a hat. (I like hats). Not just sad stuff, but the beautiful. In fact mostly the beauty, even in the sad stuff.

hankster 9 Feb 1

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My dad did that. Growing up I didnt understand him much as he was very closed and stoic. After he retired and I guess the pressure let up he became much more emotional and approachable


I cry hardest when it is time for one of my fur babies to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I'm so sorry for your hateful experience. I love my Vet. He loves fur babies as much as I do.


Not really at the drop of a hat,... but there are a few very specific things that seem to trigger a big emotional response in me. There's a bit of an old sadness and sore spot behind one specific set of those triggers though so I know what 'it' is about when that happens. Until I admitted to myself what that underlying reason was - it was a bit more out of control.

But yeah - some really beautiful things can trigger a lot of emotion as well. I don't think you are unusual here.


I don't know about crying but I definatly am more empathetic and understanding. Far, far less judgmental.

Oh, no. I'm definitely the opposite of that, as well.


I am finding the opposite to be true.
I rarely cry for any reason.
I recently went through an utterly terrible experience, sans tears.
I felt like everyone was waiting (nurses were involved) for me to break down and sob.
I never felt the need.
I'm still not sure why I didn't cry.

@Donotbelieve perhaps you won't, perhaps you just haven't found the space yet. perhaps you just need the right shoulder and you haven't found it yet.

@hankster I have two good shoulder's of my own, a safe, comfortable space, and I'm pretty set for support.
I believe that I am simply not much of a crier.

fair enough. I wasn't trying to imply you were weak or anything, I reckon you're just not a crier.

@hankster I think that's what it is.
I'm hoping I'm not a droid.


No, as always, my tears only fall in regard to animals.

some of mine have.

Rugglesby, I totally lose it when one of my animals goes. Sometimes, even just thinking about it, which I try very hard not to do.

@Condor5 quite timely, I am minutes back from a vet visit, surgery last week, x-rays today as well as biopsy results. Sarcoma and carcinoma were removed last week from chest and ear respectively. Both malignant, x-rays showing spots on lungs, sadly we won't try anaesthetic again as she had a real bad trot last week, almost didn't come out of it. So we watch and wait, I know of of medications that could help on the carcinoma sites, but they are so expensive it is hard to get them for people let alone animals. So, a bit depressing, however she is happy in herself and should remain so for at least another year.

@Rugglesby so sorry, my friend, truly. At least she'll have the most loving environment to spend the rest of her days in.

@Rugglesby Condor5 is right. she couldn't be in a better home.


I can cry at hallmark cards mother's day commercials....


Man, you know what? I was wondering about that the other day. Say, this isn't some kind of wimp trap, is it? But, that is a very good question, hankster. Glad to know it's not just me. (Or is it, and this really is a wimp trap?)

you've been wimped!

@hankster damn! I always suspected.

can't hide forever, sigh.

@hankster now you tell me.


I'm noticing that weird things can set me off, but they usually have to do with people discovering how to better care for each other.


I have always been an emotional man, I cry in movies and a lot of emotional situations, but I do not cry at the drop of a hat. Tears are not to be despaired of. They are signs of unimaginable joy or unspeakable grief.

i suppose the unexpected hat drop is what i mean. its a sneaky tear sometimes.


Ohhhgawd, yes!


You are definitely NOT alone! As I also get older and less hung up on 'butchness' I cry much more often. Although to be honest I always was kind of a cryer for a guy. Sadness, beauty, connection and even just the 'specialness' of an ooccurrence can at the very least make me tear up. There are so many family members, friends, my cats or relationships whose memories bring tears. I can't watch the animated movie 'Up' when they show the montage of the widower's marriage without bawling like a baby. I'm glad I do this.

the scene in Forrest Gump where he meets his son gets me every time.


I find that I am more sentimental. Puppies make me smile more broadly and more easily, as do little children. Musical pieces also seem to touch me more deeply than when I was young.

Me too!

certainly. puppies and children, gotta watch out.


I have become very emotional. Much more than when I was young. I think it's a good thing. I would rather suffer over a loss than not have feelings. Emotions let you know you are alive.

@IAmLove they certainly do, those emotions. I didn't cry at all for many many years. I would see it around me and not be bothered, yet wondered what I was missing out on. well, I know a little more now.


I was never a crier and couldn't understand why people cried over beauty or things in movies etc.....UNTIL I became pregnant with my daughter and a group of us were watching Trainspotting. That was the end of my dry eye days.
FF to the 40's and I'm crying over people's nice dogs at a National convention, for better and worse.
Thankfully have had a wee vacation from crying of late, but I never know when it's going to hit me.
After my husband passed grocery shopping became near impossible without being xanaxed near out of my mind as passing things like an end cap of Zatarins would set me off.

like a button sometimes.


I resemble that remark. Thought it was just me.


Me. Guhh. It's like a switch that some one flipped on then broke. Stupid things, beautiful things, other people being embarrassed and I'm not even in the scenario. But the things I should cry over I'm not as much anymore. It's weird and I'm glad I'm not alone.


Wow!This is a timely subject for me.With in the last 6 months I cry at the drop of a hat.It can be something sad or just something I find beautiful.It can be embarrassing when I'm in public and no one else is having that reaction.I recently quit anti depressants and thought it might be related.For as long as I can remember I couldn't cry even when it was appropriate.


I'm more honest with my feelings as I get older


I've kind of always been like that. Makes it hard to sing sometimes, when the beauty of the music or the overwhelmingly special feeling of making music with other people brings me to tears. My dad was a typical stoic american male much of his life but began to be more like that in his last 5 years or so.


While only 38, I have found movies and TV shows manage to pull tears out of me while real world happenings have relatively no effect. Is that odd?

I wasn't much older than that when I started feeling it.


I cry for beauty, but then, I always have.

I also like hats.


I do! I can't hardly watch shows like Ellen when she gives good people things they need. It's terrible!


Nothing new for me - I've always been an emotional mush ! "whaa-a-a-a !"

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