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How do you take people that claim to have witnessed or encountered weird shit I.e aliens, Bigfoot or supernatural/biblical things like near death or out of body, ghosts demonic entities and whatnot? Do they all share the same cioncidental mental issue or do you think any of them could be legit?

Eric_in_bham 5 Oct 21

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Great responses! Is it wrong that I love stirring the pot?


I have experienced and seen a few things I couldn't explain, so I don't judge.


Their experiences may be valid to them, but unless it can be reproduced & verified it is just that, their personal experience which can only be taken as seriously as any other claim. Which is to say, not very seriously. Our brains play games, in so many ways. There may, with some people, be a real underlying physiological or mental issue, but we all 'see' the world through a lens darkly. I'm a skeptic & mostly drug free, save for HBP meds & a few others that don't seem to affect my 'senses', there is still a limit to the 'reality' I experience.
Bottom line, I take most if not all of these claims with a large grain of salt & straight out dismiss most of them unless something verifiable can be shown.


Mental issue? Since when is being a normal human being a mental issue? Unless it is clearly affecting their life in a negative way, why would I care? Not my place to define other people's reality.


I claim to be their God and tell them I planted the encounter in their brains. Then I tell them where my church is and say, don't forget to bring money.


I pity them, if quietly.. Disengaged from reality and in apparent need of more than it can provide, they make things up. Attention seeking, delusional, or lost, they’re a short step from organized religion or a smaller cult. Sad ~

Varn Level 8 Oct 21, 2018

Don't judge until it happens to you. There are idiots out there that are flat out lying and make up shit as they go, but there are a few genuine folks who have had REAL experiences they can't explain.

@SleeplessInTexas One of the perks of age is the ability to judge 🙂 I’ve witnessed enough of reality to distinguish it, and not it. Not understanding an event does not make you special, only in need of the explanation..


I don’t think any of it is legit. They may have seen something that they cannot explain so just like religion they attach a mythical label to it.

Until you have experienced it, you can't really judge. It's not my job to convince anyone about aliens and UFOs. Until it happens to you, then we can have a conversation about it. THE ONLY REASON I am no longer a religious follower was simply because of my alien encounter. I have medical professionals and documentation to support my claim, even some religious folks would attest to what happened. But it doesn't matter who knows. What matters is that this experience awakened my mind. It's made me look at the big picture that we are not alone in this universe. No one truly knows the answers to everything. It's best to just take care of our own and appreciate the here-and-now. We've got a lot of work to do for this Earth, before it's too late.

@SleeplessInTexas. In my statement I said, “ I think.” It only my opinion. I’m an atheist, I have zero belief in anything supernatural. I harbor no ill will to those that do. As an open heart RN, I’ve had patients claim NDE, it’s not my job to discount that. I do believe there are scientific explanations for everything... sometimes we just haven’t found those answers yet.


With a grain of long as they do not babble on endlessly about it (any more than I want to hear your surgery, or whatever, details ad nauseum)


My mother was convinced that an alien craft visited us when we lived in Melborne Florida in the late 60s. Still believes it for that matter.

My father was a police officer at the time and when I asked him years later about it he did say that they were deluged with calls for UFOs that night.

We lived a few miles from Patrick so I'm gonna go ahead and say they were testing stealth aircraft and my mother who was in her early 20s at the time was also into witchcraft and just liked the woo.


I listen as though I'm hearing a fable.


No, they are either delusional, hoaxers or mistaken. There must be a logical answer for everything, the fact that we don’t always immediately know what it is does not mean that it must be supernatural. Logical thinkers need evidence not wild theories.


A mind is like a parachute.


I tend to wonder if they are making it up or if they really believe they saw it. Whether or not what they saw is what they think they saw is usually less important to me. I just really value openness, sincerity & honesty in people I associate with.

Carin Level 8 Oct 21, 2018

With interest. In the case of aliens and Bigfoot, which might possibly be real, I want to know more so that I can decide if they're probably lying/mistaken or if their sighting needs to be properly refuted. In the case of the supernatural, I want to know why they think they saw what they claim.

Jnei Level 8 Oct 21, 2018

Yes, I feel a lot the same way. & I like to hear their reasons for believing these things exist in the cases where they've not actually witnessed anything themselves.

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