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Pastor Says on Infowars That Ruth Bader Ginsburg Should be Executed -Another WTF!!!

sassygirl3869 9 Oct 28

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I just do not see the level of vileness, hatred, disrespect and all around bad behavior from the Dems, progressives, liberals or even the libertarians that we see from the far right, gop and trump supporters.
There have been some ugly words, a dem nut job shootin' up a baseball game the house members were having but NOTHING that compares to what we see and hear from the right. JMHO.


Yes this may be an interesting week. I sure hope I am wrong.


That is horrible.


If anyone it should be him for even suggesting it. As much as I hate trumper I would not asked that HE BE KILLED. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE IDIOTS.?

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