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Perhaps a timely subject, who would you help if you won the lottery?

ForestDweller 4 Oct 28

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I believe there are "diamonds in the rough' and I would do whatever I needed to bring the homeless back; mental health facilities, job training, places to live, scholarships.


I’d contribute to Donald Trump for 2020 re-election. I’d also contribute to the NRA and other conservative politicians.


Animals and children. Who needs it more?


..this place 🙂

Varn Level 8 Oct 28, 2018

One of the big ones? I'd buy every apartment complex I could, retro fit them with green tech(solar panels, greywater systems etc) and drop everyones rent to 500/600 $. Get a ton of homeless folks into the empty places. Then I'd give generously to various ecological charities and social democrat candidates. I would also love to walk into animal shelters wherever I go and pay the adoption fees for every animal in the place.

That sounds beautiful. I'd add a school and job training


Very easy. Animals (the non-human kinds). Pets, farm animals, strays and ferals, wildlife.

Animals are the best. All the love. I read a comment by Bill Maher about his dogs. To paraphrase, when you come back home to them they make you . feel like you're the Beatles


Depending on the amount. I had thought about buying an abandoned mall and transforming it into housing for homeless veterans.

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