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Costumes for pets? Yes or no?

I'm surprised how many animal lovers dress up their pets for photo ops. In my experience most animals don't like clothing, hats, etc.

In many of the photos and videos the animal is clearly stressed out.

I realize that there are some legitimate reasons some pets need coats or boots for particular situations, but if you love and respect your pet, why do you dress it up?

KissedbySun 7 Oct 31

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I don't see a problem with it if the pets are ok with it. And nothing that is too restrictive or uncomfortable. Just for a short photo op it's not a big deal. My Belle loves any kind of clothing and would get excited when I hold up one of her outfits. Some pet costumes are made in the same design as coats so they aren't all that different from a regular coat. I might walk my dogs in costume coats instead of regular coats. I don't dress up my cats though.

I had a pug who would bring me her clothes. She loved being dressed up. Silly dog. I miss that snoring, shedding dingbat.

@Minta79 Belle is a 40 lbs Boston terrier mix. She looks like a mini pit bull. I don’t dress up my other dogs. They are huge and hairy. But Belle is miss prissy with a drawer full of clothes. She dances for her sweater because she knows with the sweater on she can play outside longer.


My 8yo would melt if he and his pooch couldn't wear matching costumes. Sparky does not appear to give a shit. If I can make the boy happy without harming the dog? I'm gonna do that.


We had a Boston Terrier that LOVED to wear any clothes. He would have gladly worn a costume. If he could find his coat, he would bring it to be put on, even if it was 90+ outside. We also had a pug who did not believe he could move when clothed. He just froze, tipped over, and stay on his side until clothes were removed. We would never have put him in a costume.
It all depends on the comfort of the animal. I have never costumed a pet, but I would not rule it out entirely.

I completely agree. Having had animals that loved dressing up I believe it's a per animal situation.


If the pet is fine with it, I'm fine with it.

One Halloween, my youngest dressed as a flower bed. Green sweats with plastic daisies sewn over the front and her face as a sunflower. We got a bee costume for our rat terrier. He acted tough when we put it on him. Then again, he growls when you pick him up. He growls when you touch his toys or food. He growls when you try to sit in the chair he wants.

Anyway, after we get the outfit on him, he's fine and enjoyed the walk, attention, and treats.


Dogs, I've noticed, seem a bit more patient about that than cats. I don't think I'd try to put clothing on a pet unless it was a Sphinx cat or a dog with really short fur.


No... Never, ever. Not to mention that my dog wouldn't have it if someone tried.


In a


I guess the owner needs to judge this on a case by case basis. I do think that people anthromorphise their pets too much however


No! I don't believe in putting human clothing on animals. I don't think it's "cute", or "funny", or any other damned thing.

It's undignified.

Whenever I'd take my girl to the groomer, I'd take off whatever stupid banana they'd put on her and give it back to them.

Anthropomorphism is one of the most arrogant things humans do.


I think it's situational. All 3 dobermans I've owned in my lifetime are, were hams and love the attention, not to mention the snow, rain & cool coats when appropriate.
It also depends on the temperament of the animal and how comfortable the "outfit" is.

I love and respect my pets. They are vetted to the teeth, sleep with us and aren't negotiable in a relationship.
Just look how tortured they are:

  1. Halloween (our girl is wearing a banana) they're waiting for cheese
  2. Cool coat for shows
  3. Graphic of my boy in a mohawk
  4. Clown collar @ an ex pen
  5. my boy in his made by meadowcat coat flying off the porch

Yes, it is obvious your dobies are suffering. 🙂

Many dogs do seem to enjoy the attention.


I so totally agree - I would never 'dress up'. an animal. When its cold I put a back wrap around on our short haired dogs. Sometimes.


I think it's abuse to dress ANY animal - pet or otherwise. They have a connection to the earth that is masked when some dipsh-t forces them to wear socks or anything else for that matter.


If you are stupid enough to keep an animal, might as well be stupid enough to make them look funny.


@Tone67 . . . Domestic, and feral, cats are one of the most severe environmental disasters. Killing approx. at least 2 BILLION birds, and 11 BILLION mammals, yearly, in the US alone.

Estimates are: 120+ MILLION pets, mostly dogs and cats, in the US. And about 20 MILLION feral dogs and cats. (Pets include: the fatal Zebra fish, parrots, lizards,... stupid human imports.)

The market for secondary animal food bits is BILLIONS. So, the more cows and chickens and pigs fed with soy and corn grown in 3rd world countries on land taken from owners, deforested, denuded of soil, and then heavily fertilized. Resulting in major pollution of all the surrounding land, and rivers, and hence oceans.

Humans are catching the feeder fish that are deemed as inedible. But, the market for "pet" food is tremendous. So, we are endangering our lives to feed predators.

More deforestation to grow soybeans for animal food. More people suffering famine, for animal food.

Owning pets is a reflection of ignorance. A true example of the decadence of the west.

@Jacar Ok I'm totally in agreement with regard to ferals & not releasing invasives but you lost me after that. TNR is a pox and should be illegal.

@Qualia . . . Tell;me how this ends good. the feeder fish are being harvested to feed cats. . .

GONE::: 60% of animal existent in 1970. How much to feed animals/pets?

This is collective mental illness. Short-minded, selfish, driven genetically to procreate, no matter the costs. More, no matter what. We are at "what.".

Humans are a virus/slim-mold/destroyer unto themselves.

Our immediate descendants are doomed to misery because of our selfishness.

7+ Billion now.. More everyday.

Tell;me how this ends good.

@Jacar well i won't argue that there are too damned many people on this planet. totally agree.
But keeping pets is part of humanity and always will be.

@Qualia Why is TNR a pox?

@ailurophile TNR causes more problems than it solves. It's a lifestyle and hobby for some people.
Just the math alone. There are individuals that tend their hidden colonies, some of which run 50+ at a single location, multiply that.
I'd no idea what a huge thing it was until recently. It became clear to me it's a form of hoarding that impacts fauna and fosters toxo with a veneer of "do goodism" that really isn't.

@Qualia . . .that we have always done something does not lead to any reasonable support of these parasites. 2 billion birds and 11 billion mammals each year in the US alone is clearly the result of human ignorance.

60 % of vertebrates have been killed just in the last 50 years. Cat keeping is one of the contributors.


Costumes : NO--pets are sentient beings with their own feelings and preferences; they do not exist to fulfill our every whim
Sweaters : YES--my dogs love to put on their winter "clothes", because they enjoy staying warm and dry.


My dog wouldn't cooperate. I won't be home tonight anyway because I'm playing guitar.


I want to get this for my Delila. Problem is, she HATES clothing.


No. Why do we project human values on to animals?


Ha! I've thought about it, been tempted. Like that little hot dog ? suit or tulle pumpkin ? collar would be a burst of cuteness. I haven't though.

Jaed Level 5 Oct 31, 2018

My boy and his dog are hot dogs this year. It's so cute!


No for my cats, unless I can find a sweater that my elder cat would find acceptable. Her coat is thinning as she grows older. She never did have a thick coat, anyhow. One of the reasons my cats trust me is that, for the most part, I don't force them to do things they don't want to do. They hate going to the vet, but I take them anyhow. I also occasionally interfere in their turf wars.

If I lived with Sphynx cats, I'd try to get them as kittens accustomed to warm clothing in cold weather. I do take issue with people breeding for mutations that don't benefit the species, such as creating the Sphynx breed, Scottish Folds, Munchkins, etc... I'm not going to fault the individual cats, though.

US German Shepherds now have a big problem with hip dysplasia due to some ill-advised show-dog standard. I can't remember which dog breeds, but they've been so overbred that most puppies have to be delivered by Cesarean.

Humans are animals, and are the most destructive species on the planet.

Oh the GSD is a mess.
$$$ and ego creates trends in the wrong hands. If I wanted an old school gsd Idk where I'd go.


I am loathed to see animals dressed up as humans. Poor animal. It is a totally selfish thing and offers very little to the animal in terms of benefit or dignity.


Having pets in the first place is taking animals and training them to submit to our whims. The question is how far we take it.

Cats self-domesticated.


I would only dress my pet if it seemed reasonable and since I doubt I'll ever run in the Iditarod, it's not likely.

I don't think I've ever seen any of the dogs running the Iditarod wearing sweaters. 🙂


I think it looks fucking hideous


Do animals wear clothes in nature? No...there is your answer. Do people? Well since we moved away from warm climes...yep


I know i was a bit over the top..And i got shit for it. But, pets are. Especially cats. People are infected by this "tribble" parasite.

60% of vertabrate killed since 1970. Keeping pets is part of this debacle. Decadence in action.

And, oh yeah, i watch all kinds of funny animal videos. and i laugh.

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