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Donald Trump receives The Ellis Island Award 1986 for contributing to inner city black youths standing alongside Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks.​

gater 7 Nov 3

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The liberals aren’t interested in anything that doesn’t fit their liberal left wing agenda.


Because the left wing medias only focus on that of which fits their agenda...


Simply a false equivalency.

Try again.


Yes let’s pretend that he isn’t an openly racist, misogynistic bully because once 30 years ago he did something good for someone besides himself.


Because NOTHING -even facts and character- MATTERS to the personal destruction machine wholly owned by the political class establishment and their corporate/industrial, banking overseers. As in any other endeavors, industry and investment have 'good guys' and bad ones; those who thrive by mutually profitable exchange and those by outright confiscatory deceit.

The enslaving interests do not welcome reformers and have ALL the guns out. This is a war of awareness and ideas. They have more mind-numbed cavalry AND infantry. So far, they are too stupid to discover the right destructive combination to vanquish this one. I fear that he doesn't know the swamp's depth while sincerely hoping that he does.


The reaction to this photo from this left wing group is so typical of the media - they will not acknowledge Trumps work or achievements - so many is this group are just sad and pathetic.

gater Level 7 Nov 3, 2018

You have that right!


Blocking you zombie sheep. Good luck with the delusion dude.


Hey Gator, I’ve got an honest question for you. Do you actually believe the stuff you post or do you just like to stir things up?


Some times when awards are given out, the award givers just plain make a mistake. Hey, they are just human.


Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have both owned the title of humanity worst enemy so I figure when they do it to Trump is is just another badge in his shadow box.


Because it was 1986? Is there a more recent example?


No one is bringing that up because he didn't DO anything but write a check and buy the award.
He's been a racist bastard all his life. Learned it from his daddy.
The government sued both of them for discriminatory housing practices because
they refused to rent to black people. That's in the public record.

He's been sued over 2500 times, and he settles. He doesn't "win" lawsuits.
He just pays for them to go away and makes people sign NDAs, so they won't
tell what he did.

He truly is a scumbag, and a pathological liar.
That he still has supporters is even more appalling.
His supporters have deliberately ignored the FACT that he has always been
nothing but a goddamned con man.

Both Obama and Hillary were both incompetent leaders so what in the hell are you talking about? The liberals are the ones who seem to be sue crazy. I’ve fought a couple of their frivolous lawsuits myself and have found that our courts are quite rough on honest hard working Americans because of them.

@Trajan61 You poor victim.

@Trajan61 You expressed your opinion. As is your right.
I think you're out of your mind, as is my right. I can't take anything you say seriously.

Exactly...thank you. The likely reason he still has supporters is that every single damn one of them is EXACTLY LIKE HIM AND HIS ILK.

@KKGator And I can’t take anything you say seriously.

@Trajan61 Of course you can't. You deliberately employ cognitive dissonance so you don't have to face the terrible choices you're making. If you were to take anything I say even remotely seriously, it would mean you'd have to examine the fallacies you believe, and you just can't do that. I get it. I feel really sorry for you.

@KKGator Your the one who doesn’t get it. I’m a self employed catttle rancher who has suffered from frivolous lawsuits filed by the liberals and tried by liberal judges so I know from experience.

@Trajan61 Your personal issues aren't the topic. Neither are liberals.


This type of awards are usually political due to donations which are really tax shelters.


You seem to have forgotten that the Central Park five were exonerated by DNA evidence, Trump took out a full page in The NY Times with all of thier pictures demanding the death penalty. Then there’s the time when he was sued by the state for racial profiling when renting apartments.
He wouldn’t be standing beside those people if they weren’t icons. He wishes he was an icon.

Actually, he took out the ad long before they were exonerated.
Once they were, not a peep out of him. No apology, no retraction, nothing.

@KKGator I thought it was after, correction noted.. thank you

@Green_eyes You are most welcome.

He wishes he was human.


The media forgot about this one also:



Ah, yes. Trump the philanthropist and great humanitarian! 😀

The only one to benefit from his charities is himself if I recall.

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