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Are any people this group interested in talking about stock market / bit coin investments ?

Cast1es 8 Feb 6

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What do you know about ripple rxp?


Not really, I see it as a gamble that can be rigged.
Best I don't say any more.


I would not invest in Bitcoin right now. I think the lesson of the last month is that it is a very volatile market. If you think you somehow have a play that others don't understand then by all means - otherwise I'd stay out.

As for the market I also am short on it. I think the Trump bubble is going to burst when reality hits. Don't know how far down the road that will be but I'm sure that it WILL BE.


I have been buying up lots of cannabis stock if the feds ok legal it is going to bounce INSY is buying lots of the litter companies in anticipation of a flood. New age Pharmaceutical I have, Costco. Just dadabble though.


I used to do that stuff, until my ex went behind my back while we were married, secretly losing money on the forex in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. He lost so much money we were wiped out, so I haven't traded since.

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