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So this is happening....

Marcie1974 8 Nov 9

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I like it.

Thanks! Here it is decorated


I'm surprised that you held out this long???


Sheldon comes to mind..... "The hooooorror" ?


I'm down with the Xmas tree and decorating but we double down on the non religious/non traditional side. I've been meaning to print a Cthulhu tree topper but I've not been able to make that happen yet.


My nephew and his wife were going 'round about this topic tonight.

I am thrilled that I will (again) not be decorating my abode for the seasonal insanity.
I'll get gifts for the kids, enjoy the family fun-time, participate in the cooking, etc.
We have a good time around here. There are no religious overtones to be dealt with, thank goodness.

I just like the pretty lights and ornaments! And the music! Now that I live alone I get to decorate as early as I want ?


I love christmas trees but don't care one iota for Christmas as a religious celebration and this year I will spend it alone as the rest of my family is away overseas.


Way to early.


Is this just the first of many trees?

Lol no, I live in a pretty small apartment so just the one


I've got one in my finished basement room with lights and ornaments... shh...

Needs to be vacuumed...

That you never take down? lol

@bingst Maybe??


Are you saying this is yours? And you've put it up already?! lol



AAhhhhh WTF it’s not even thanksgiving yet!

That's what I was thinking! lol

Hey, I waited until after Halloween! Lol


A Yule Tide Tree! How Awesome!

I’m blonde and easily distracted by the pretty lights and shiny ornaments!

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