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According to AARP Senior Citizens Are Replacing Teenagers as Fast Food Workers

sassygirl3869 9 Nov 10

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Older people cannot live on SSI. They need to work to pay their Bill's. I am getting SSI, so is Kate, and I work as much as I can and have problems with bills. Just found out that wit Kate on Medicare our insurance is going up about double. Not griping it is good to have it as Kate's medical is now at $172,000.00 a month, I am not exaggerating. How do others make things work, I make good money and many others do not. Insurance pays for this, but without it we are homeless, working, and do not know what else.


Well, that is one option for post retirement earnings.

If you have savings keep track of it. I had a retirement account but two downturns in the economy and it is gone.


This is the sad state of affairs for seniors. They killed retirement plans and replaced them with so-called 401K's which are NOT retirement funds.

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