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I am 81 years old, and had not seen my daughters and grandchildren for some time. I just travelled to Kansas to spend some time with them, as (at my age) I don't know if I will have the opportunity again. Wanted them to ask any question about anything they wanted to know about me and my ,life. We spent one evening with all of them and we talked, with no topic out=of-bounds. They asked honest questions, and gave honest answers. It was a deeply loving therapeutic session for all of us, and brought us much closer together emotionally.

My oldest daughter is seriously ill with Crohn's disease and beginning to loser her mental acuity. But, I youngest daughter spent two days together talking about anything and everything -- experiences, beliefs, values, hidden stories.

Those few days were among the best of my life. I am SO glad that it happened.

wordywalt 8 Nov 14

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Grew up far away from my extended family for ten years growing up. My father’s business sent him to Europe. I missed a lot of time with my grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins. One reason I hold family close now and keep in touch with the extended family. I’m glad for you that you had the time and desire to spend quality time with your daughters and grand children and followed through. I hope you get many more opportunities to be with them.


Great family story... I use to live in Junction City Kansas...


My family, two, is very important to me and I’m thankful to have them close.


I lived in Thailand 15years and miss it badly. But my olds are getting really old like housebound, so I'm back in oz and they do really appreciate it. Good being around the kids too. Thailand can wait.


I am so happy my kids all live within a half an hour of me and I see them fairly often. I am so glad you had this time with your family. They will cherish the memories long after you're gone, and I hope that is a long time coming. Be well.

Many thanks!

Did you raise your children to be secular? My parents and grandparents are deeply religious; not going to Sunday services means I'm not worth their time even though I'm only 10 minutes from them in either diection by car. I'm always impressed by secular families when I see that everyone is so close and hasn't been tainted by belief systems.

@Return2Sender My ex is a very conservative Xian and webmaster of a Xian hymnal website. At one time I was a Bible Study leader, lay leader, and speaker. So my kids were pretty much raised in the church. For two of them it didn't take at all, and my gut tells me the youngest is going to church to make daddy happy. So, my oldest is married to a catholic though she doesn't go to church except to have the baby baptized. The middle will only go to church if a niece or nephew is there, and the youngest plays in the band at her dad's church. I see my kids at least every other week, and we do family holidays/birthdays. My kids also grew up nomadic, their dad was active duty Army, and then we moved a few additional times, so we learned to rely on each other for the most part.


I wish you to have a new opportunity to do it again. The moments with family are too often princeless but the memories will give you a smile in difficult periods of time.


There are reasons I hold you in such high esteem. This is one of them.
Really glad you and your family had that time and those experiences.


It’s wonderful you opened up for that to happen.

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