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Are posts garnering for points (trying to finish the trip to Level 8 ) taboo? I had my couple posts/shares I'd done earlier, asking for help, all deactivate/close.

Edit: Not all. A couple were. One wasn't. Color me confused. smile001.gif

By DoDapper8
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I have no idea why anyone's score really matters to them TBH

andykb3 Level 4 Nov 15, 2018

Here's a little help.

Alone Level 6 Nov 15, 2018

@DoDapper I can't imagine why they would have been deleted?

It's almost become tradition to mark getting that near a level with a little bit of point mongering. It doesn't usually last longer than one day and everyone gets to see you level up,

I personally enjoy seeing people do it - because they get creative with it - and you get to see people just having fun.

It's a tiny celebration of having spent time here. People can easily choose to join in or not.

Also Original Posts can only be removed by the site itself. So it had to get reported and then pulled.
Only replies in a post can be removed by owners and mods. And most almost never do that. In a year I think I've done that twice. With physical threats.

RavenCT Level 9 Nov 15, 2018

NOTE - the share button hasn't always been working lately - could that be the culprit again?


this reminds me of a tweet from Elon musk a few days ago where he said that he woke up one morning and 20000 of his followers had been deleted


Here you go more points @DoDapper!

Danke schoen!


What is the point of inflating your level artificially with spam? If everyone start doing this the community will be destroyed, I am in favor of deleting posts like this

Pedrohbds Level 7 Nov 15, 2018

I tend to agree with you.

You could have ignored it instead adding to his points smile009.gif

@Bierbasstard Is there a place to discuss the rules and "good practices" of the community other than the posts?

It was a joke but the Community Senate group is there for such inquiries.

@Bierbasstard Thanks for the tip

@Pedrohbds - As @Bierbasstard points out, you can always ignore a post. The posts of this type are common but infrequent. When you hit the points of Level 7, you do have a voice in a community group, if you want help finishing the points to get there.

@Pedrohbds & @DoDapper. Perdo, I agree with you in general, but this isn't the same as bumping someone from level 2 to 3, ect. It takes a while just to get to level 6 and the non hackers, scammers and the like probably won't even make it to 5 before they are booted or bored.

I won't fly my points bomber on a carpet pointing run on an agnostic target with less than a level 7. There is too much collateral pointing and indiscriminate leveling up. The Helsinki Rules of Points Engagement have to be observed or we are nothing but animals.


Really? As far as I know they aren't taboo. This is the first I've heard of such a post being deactivated.

bingst Level 8 Nov 15, 2018

Oddly, two posts I think were - within seconds of each other - a third was not. Maybe it's just which precinct I pick for standing on the metaphorical corner. smile009.gif


No problem. Hope this one doesn't get deleted too.



Go for it......level 8 here you come!!!

I'll be on my way. ...Just going to have to pick which color of shirt I'll want. Oh my.


You only get two choices for the free one. Black or purple. Flip a coin lol!

@Bierbasstard - I could flip a coin.

@Bierbasstard - Or I can spend long series of comments and replies talking about but not actually doing weighing my options. Haha.

@Bierbasstard really purple? ?


Yep. I guess it's the misogyny of the site because all women like purple lol smile009.gif

@Bierbasstard where is the gag emoji?

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