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Just saw my first Christmas commercial of the season and it really got me into the spirit of murdering people.

By Duke8
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Lol. When broadcasting I used to tease the local godbotherers by trying to play a folk version of something xmasy in February or earlier.


I was coughing when I read that, damn I almost choked!! However, I feel your vibe!! My radio station switched to an all Christmas music format on Friday. I "knew" it was coming, they have done it for years. But I was still pissed. I have now switched stations, and it will likely be March or so before I switch back to the one I left. In a well ordered universe there would be no mention or celebration of Christmas until at least after Thanksgiving, and IF I had my way it would be not earlier than December 1st. Don't even get me started on Black Friday starting on Thursday. NO, BAD. I do not shop for Christmas gifts on Black Friday. One year I broke my phone on Thanksgiving day and I shopped for a new phone on Friday, but that was a necessity. I don't see commericals at home because I don't have cable TV.

I saw the Hershey kisses handbell commercial for the first time last night. Tis the season.

@Infoguy211 I did see that on the TV when I was getting my nails done. The saving grace was that there was no audio that I could hear.


Go for it. The herd could use a little thinning out. I could point you in the right direction.

Sticks48 Level 9 Nov 16, 2018

Seasons Beatings?

Slay Rides?

DeeTee Level 7 Nov 16, 2018

Oof! Puts the "Nutcracker" in a darker light.

@OpposingOpposum smile007.gif


It should be legal to punish people and organizations who jump into the Christmas season before Thanksgiving.

Next you'll be calling for jail time for people who leave their Halloween decorations up all year. Where does it end?

@Minta79 That would be cool, and so is fine. But there IS a war on Christmas, and it's about getting Christmas to stay in its own fucking lane.

@maturin1919 good, because I have no intention of dismantling this graveyard in the cold. I am thinking about Santa hats for the skellingtons, though... Lol




Creating more xmas spirits??

I prefer mine from the bottle smile009.gif

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