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‘God will not bless America’: Texas pastor curses nation after 'Godless' Democrats win midterms


celticagent 7 Nov 17

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It must be some kind of functional insanity. I just don't get it.

Willful ignorance. ??


It’s the same old song and dance. ? These assholes preach politics from their pulpits and enjoy tax exemption. They’re bitching about illegal immigrants who pay more taxes than most of them do! They act like saying someone is godless is a BAD thing! Smmfh. ??


He's telling the truth. God will not bless America.


What a maroon!
Such an embezzle!


Another reason they lost.


It's Texas Trash for sure. I dislike to stigmatize the whole state for a few Fundamentalists who bigotry and racism are sewn into their scripture. Their Appointed MAGA Maniac hasn't a virtue in his whole being or ever had. He is the star attraction on Fraud, Misogyny, Bigotry, Adultery, Perversion, Deception and Theft to name just a few. The Criminal Indictments do not wager into specific Religious Beliefs being they are far more serious of which standing by while innocent youths get murdered in cold blood for the sake of their private campaign donations.


This might be very upsetting if god were real. Since he isn't, I'll just make a sandwich and not give it another thought.


They're going to be waiting a long time for that fire and brimstone to come crashing down from the heavens to smite the godless. lol

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