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Your Winter driving safety tip:

By Infoguy2118
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Having commuted from the hills of West Virginia into the plains of Virginia for 13 years, I can easily laugh at this one!

Holysocks Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

Last Thursday was our ice and snow. Probably no more than what is shown here in the picture and I saw 4 cars off in the ditch in strange sorts of ways. This was normal as I drive for a living.

DenoPenno Level 8 Nov 17, 2018

Drive slowly for the conditions.

Last winter, I drove east over Stevens Pass from Seattle to Wenatchee. On the extremely steep, final incline to the top, suddenly all of the cars in front of me slid off the road and crashed. The road was covered in sheet ice.

Immediately I downshifted and slowly crept up the pass at 7 mph. Drivers stood beside their crashed cars, numbly watching me go by. This was as fast as I could go without losing control. I was driving in a pouring ice storm.

"Good thing I'm following an emergency rescue vehicle," I thought. "They can rescue me if I crash."

My heart sank when the emergency rescue vehicle turned into the ski area. Stevens Pass closed behind me. I crept steeply downhill on ice, alone. In an huge ice storm. I was worried about falling trees crushing my car or blocking the road.

"Never give up" is my motto.

Stevens Pass is steep and wildly curvy. Every vehicle I passed had slid off the road and crashed. I crept steeply downhill on ice and around sharp curves, holding my breath. Nason Ridge Rest Area was full of cars and trucks, spending the night.

It took four hours to drive 44 miles in that terrible ice storm.

When I descended to Leavenworth, pouring ice turned into rain. My shoulders relaxed. I felt relieved to get home. I will never forget it.

The next day I felt like I was beaten by a 2x4. Tense muscles.

WOW! That was quite an experience.


Mountain driving in the winter is dangerous. People go too fast.

You are a phenomenal driver. “Never give up” too! I’ve driven in some pretty shitty conditions but never quite as bad as that!


Thank you.


That applies to all seasons.

graceylou Level 8 Nov 17, 2018

Sadly the assholes are winning.

You noticed that, too

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