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Hey math friends! Can you help me understand this?

Count_Viceroy 7 Nov 18

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And 87.3% of all statistics are fabricated. πŸ™‚


If this one doesn't have a train leaving Baltimore at 40 mph heading west in it then I'm at a loss.


I love innumeracy. Better for those of us good at math.


X+YΓ—(20%)=0(free). Solve for X. Lol.

they you


Confusing. The person who made the sign has poor communication skills.

My guess is it means:

  1. The first month is free when you rent an apartment.
  2. Subsequent months are 20% off the standard rental fee (for an unspecified period.)
  3. Discount storage (for an unspecified period).

Lol fine print

MsAl Level 8 Nov 18, 2018

Haha. Not really. A better ad would be two months free rent with ten months rent paid. I have seen sales like that. If it really is a sale and not a come on.


As a volunteer for the BLM/National monument I get this all the time. I am told my salary will be doubled or get a raise. Sometimes, I am told if I don't do a good job my salary will be docked. It's a standing joke between the director and myself.


I don't see the problem.

It's not actually contradictory: $0 - ($0 * 20%) = $0
It admit it's a waste of time. But they can do it if they want. Lol, I guess.


Not so much a math problem as poor communication.

Most likely "free rent" refers to geting a month free rent with a contract of a certain legnth, and 20% off woudl refer to a discount off former rent prices. At least that is how Id' intepret it.


Perhaps it is one free month and .20 after. Yet I find that sign quite puzzling.


20% off of free is going to cost you.


Even with an overbearing application of bistro mathematics, I can’t figure this one out.
Perhaps prices had already been reduced 80%?

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