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I needed something cute....
I hope everyone can see it!
Part cat.... Part slinky..... Lol


SukiSue 8 Nov 18

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Love kitties they are so much like people.


I'll take the slinky. They don't shit or shed.

Or throw up all over the place! ?


Um, they actually made a "slinky-dog" toy "back in the day" (there I go, showing my age again).
But yeah, your cat is much cuter.

I had that slinky dog!

@Dandewine me too!


When they came out, I was a little old for them, but certainly remember them ☺️


That's great!


My cat tried that on a spiral staircase. Fell off near the ceiling, landed on the dog, startled the hell out of both of them. They both got up and looked around to see if anyone saw that, then walked off in opposite directions.


Cats ARE the best!!!!


Aww, pretty and funny kitty.


Coming down the stairs in the morning when I was working! ?

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