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Folks, this was an attempt at sarcastic humor. Apparently it didn’t come across that way. I’m really not a dick, I swear!

Has everyone here been practicing their eye rolls in preparation for the Thanksgiving pre-meal blessing? I usually add an audible sigh for good measure and emphasis.

By NorCalFreethinker6
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@NorCalFreethinker, I apologize to you. I opened the post of off the home page and should have checked which forum it was in first before responding. I'm sure you can tell from my comments that I thought you were serious.

Once again, I apologize and I won't make that mistake twice.

Thank you! Not many people apologize anymore. I appreciate that!

@NorCalFreethinker When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I've been wrong about more things than I've been right.

@Shouldbefishing you and me both!


What was the post?


I would assume that a post made in the Silly, Random and Fun group would NOT be a serious one.

Lucy_Fehr Level 8 Nov 21, 2018

Personally, I will react to blessings and whatnot however I damn well please, up to and including eye-rolling, sighing, and the occasional 'oh, for fuck's sake.'. They know what they're signing up for when they invite me.


Please everyone remember that the holiday season is stressful.

Some of us experience increased depression and anxiety. Some have abusive families.
Some barely make it thru encounters with family. Some don't have family and look for friends online.

Foster kindness.

My own family is going to pray before the meal tomorrow - they think it's adorable to have a small child do that?
They've all forgotten a former abused child - who is publicly atheist is right there.
Hurts every single time.

Wasn't even raised with that. Nope they added it three years ago.

If I roll my eyes out loud I can be pardoned. At least I'm not yelling.

Enjoy time with family if you have them and love them!

Take care of yourselves if you don't!

RavenCT Level 9 Nov 20, 2018

When one is unknown and new to the game, sarcasm is better when pointed out.

Lukian Level 8 Nov 20, 2018

I thought the category in which it was posted took care of that. Apparently not.

Give me a break dude, it was clearly obvious ... big eye roll here ..

@NorCalFreethinker, @PhxClone I was just extending an olive branch... I also dwell in sarcasm, was often misunderstood in the beginning until I became known more for that type of humour. Wording in a post does not always show a wink when there is none, particularly from a noob in a public forum.

I agree @lukian. I actually was searching for a comment about this looking for someone who like me was dreading having to deal with this outdated forced ritual. But you're right, trying to be diplomatic in these cases when family is involved is always best even if its a one-sided diplomacy.

@NorCalFreethinker Yes yes yes.

I was beginning to think I was the only one that thought a group named silly would contain silly stuff


FYI being agnostic or atheist does not preclude having a stick up ones ass. Good grief people, calm the fuck down. Bunch of pearl clutching baby eaters 'round here I swear.

Like this? hehehe


I don't mean to gang up on you lol, but I wouldn't do something like that. Even if I don't know someone I wouldn't disrespect them for something like this. I have religious friends and I respect them and their belief. I would never make fun of their belief in God. I also have family members who believe in God and are religious. I respect them for the people that they are and realize that they have every right to believe in God. I sure as hell wouldn't disrespect them in their home that they had the decency to invite me into and offer me food. I also wouldn't take advantage of my own dominance in my home either and disrespect them. If I invite someone into my house it's because I actually respect them and want them to feel comfortable, so unless they disrespect me, I wouldn't disrespect them. When there is a situation where holding hands and offering a prayer arises, I just go along with it. It's not hurting me in the least and it remains friendly and everyone can be comfortable and not have an occasion be stressful.

Exactly my feeling.

I wouldn't have anything against a moment of reflection of thankfulness, but it doesn't have to be about how 'Great' their god is for everything. I respect my families beliefs and love them regardless of the FACT that they have no respect for my non-belief in their fairy tale, but don't think there's anything wrong with believing that we should be evolving beyond this forced ritual. All the poster here was talking about was doing an Eye Roll, for Gods sake, pun intended.

@PhxClone Well them having no respect for your non-belief is also wrong in my eyes. He said he also lets out an audible sigh. I don't care if it's just an eye roll or not. It's disrespectful. Besides, didn't you see my response with "lol". It was just in a joking manner. But not really.


If you flip the script for a moment, think about how that might make you feel?

You open your home to friends and family, make it presentable, put in time and effort to make a nice meal and then maybe instead of a blessing, you talk about what you're thankful for. Maybe you say "I'm thankful for advancements in medical science" and a believer scoffs, rolls their eyes or let's out some sarcastic heavy sigh. They says something like, "Through the power of Jesus" or some other half lit remark. I would feel disrespected, especially if they knew I wasn't a believer.

How would that make you feel?


Yeah.... no; hard pass.

If you don't want to be a part of the blessing, then don't show up to the table.

Otherwise, when you show up at another's table, when someone is taking the time to feed you, when family gets together to give thanks, respect the rules of another's table and don't be "that guy".

EDIT RESPONSE: Then it's worse as you consider mocking people who are feeding you at their table as "humorous" and it certainly betrays a grain of truth about how you feel.


Well, I don't feel an eye roll is needed with my family. They are all believers but respect that I am not. I join them at the table, we all hold hands, and then one of my son's does the blessing. I use that time to not bow my head but to look around the table at all of them and just think how lucky I am to have them all in my life, and how much I love them. I hope your Thanksgiving will be a pleasant one.

I’m thankful for my family as well and glad they all accept me as an atheist. I don’t actually bow my head though. I just sit quietly while they go through thier ritual. This year though, I’ll be flying all day Thursday. Heading back east for my father’s memorial service on Saturday. There’ll be even more praying going on that I’ll respectfully ignore.

@NorCalFreethinker my condolences to you on the loss of your father, and the fact that you have to fly on Turkey day. Hopefully the flights won't be to hectic for you. Congrats to on being able to respectfully ignore the praying. I know way to many folks who can't and just cause unneeded stress.


No, because when I'm invited into someone's (even my parents) home for dinner I try to bring in my manners and leave my opinions in the car.

Regardless of belief, if you did something like that in my home as a guest, that would be your last visit. Even if it is your at parents house, it's their house, not yours. It's a dickish thing to do.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lighten up Sparky, it was a joke.

@NorCalFreethinker You gave us no inclination otherwise....sparky.

@Shouldbefishing I thought it being in the category Silly, Random and Fun might have implied it was just that.


Yes, because silly and random fun is commonly mistaken for super serious and insulting behavior Lol! smile009.gif

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