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100 years ago British women were able to vote to enter Parliament. The world has become increasingly more progressive. What do you think would have happened if this hadn't happened?

Amisja 8 Nov 21

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I cannot imagine it not happening. Women are already angry about the injustices against them, so who knows.

Don't we have 2000 years of injustice to be angry about??


I think if women were in more positions of power there's be less conflict and abuse. If the Catholic Church were to allow women to serve in positions of power, that would be a YUGE step to reform and dealing with the abuse. I was reading that in the Cherokee tribes, women had as much, sometimes more say in whether the tribe went to war (after all, it was their sons being sacrificed).

We can see it playing out in the Republican Party... Women are pretty much verboten, unless the man "allows" them to leave the kitchen (giant generalization, I know, but still relevant), so they have a party that is cold, heartless, and completely devoid of a conscious. I guarantee if there were more women in that party, we'd see much more compassionate rhetoric coming from them... and ten bucks says they wouldn't be peeing their pants because of a few immigrants.


I don't know, but every time I go to the Manchester Royal Infirmary I tip my hat to the Pankhurst residence. Well played, ladies.

Beautiful xx


Thank NZ


Good news for you but the US is backsliding. It’s scary

UUNJ Level 8 Nov 21, 2018

We look at the world from our own perspective, but I remember even in benign UK, gay people being considered a joke, trans was something deeply shameful and mental illness was to be hidden. We have come a long way


No Iron lady would have been sad


Counterfactuals never work because everything is different.
Not all British women, there was a strict age limit. French women only gained the franchise after WWII.

That isn't what my post actually says. Please reread

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