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So I just finished this mandated course parents are supposed to take upon separating. What a waste of my time considering the circumstances. Over half the curriculum I could not really answer questions or learn anything because of my soon-to-be ex wife's doing. (She just randomly left me one night, took our daughter with her a month ago and I have no clue where they are.) So questions regarding how I talk to my daughter about her mother before and after class, how I talk about my ex before and after class about my daughter, how parenting agreements are going which was half the course was literally something I could not participate in thanks to her, and I had to pay to take it. (Got to love Bureaucracy!) Since my ex has not worked in years, has no money, the chances of her taking it are slim. F this noise.

Malara 5 Feb 10

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I am so sorry for your circumstances. I hope there is speedy resolution to your situation.


That sucks. Your circumstances and that you have to jump through hoops. Hopefully you or the court will track them down and attending the class will be one more point to why you should have primary custody of your child.


Not only is this a hurtful time for you, but the mundane things must be attended to. Find that calm place inside yourself, and go there everytime it appears the 'world' is about to devour you! You don't have to have all the this very minute. For do not want to make important decisions (unless it be life or death) when your reserves have tanked! Take the time that you need, but stay focused and calm yourself. Decisions from a calmer state... always serves us better. I am sorry that you have this is just one of life's little tricks and you will get past it. Best of luck.


If you have any hope of getting your daughter back, even just for visitation, take the classes, and jump through their stupid hoops.
If you have to go to Court to fight for your child, you can prove you took all the steps you could to do your due diligence. Might be just enough to turn things in your favor. Don't give up.
If nothing else, when your daughter is old enough to ask, you can show her evidence of how hard you worked to get back with her.

I get that, but I still hate the fact the she seems to abducted our kid and ran off so far just make me waste my time. For one she turned in a ridiculous adult protection order claiming abuse that was immediately dismissed at hearing because she refused to show up or even have representation.I get it, it works to my advantage, but I can not contain my rage at the absurdity that she's doing all this to look like a loser.

@Malara I completely agree with you, 100%!!! It's absurd that you have to go through this. If you can afford a good lawyer, I'd recommend it. That's no guarantee you'll prevail though, and it's expensive AF. Unless your ex does something you can use to prove she's unfit, it's going to be a long slog. I'm sorry. It's not right, and it's not fair, and I'm really sorry. I have someone very close to me who has gone through this mess. He's got 5 banker's boxes filled with court filings and documents, just sitting, waiting for the day his child is old enough to start asking questions. He's also still paying off his lawyer, who managed to get him summers and every other Christmas. The system sucks and unless the mother is almost a serial killer, they get favored by the Courts. It's not right at all. I hope things work out in your favor. Just remember, save everything. Every text, all your call records, everything. You might be able to use all of it. Good luck to you!


I wish you the best of lucks. Judicial system is not necessarily fair.

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