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I have one argument that completely destroys the theory of Christianity, and it is this...
God disguised himself as his son so he could send himself down as a sacrifice of himself to himself to create a loophole so we could know him because of a sin that he damned us to do in the first place and we are sinners because we have free will, but yet his will is always in place, and he made us in his likeness to be more like him. In addition, the book about him and his life which has talking snakes, demons, talking animals, dragons, world-wide floods, and resurrections, and sending telepathic messages to a 6000 year old Jewish ghost, and the only evidence that it is true is that the book that he "inspired" says that it is true and therefore it must be true because everything that has happened in it is true because the book says that those things happen.
And they call Atheists the crazy ones.

Writinglife2020 3 Feb 10

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I could not agree more. And then prophecies that are foretold and don't come true. The Christian people belived that they were just misinterpreting them, when they really should've been taking it for what it is: a lie


A True Believer will simply dismiss this as blasphemy and deliberate "attack" / insult. It destroys nothing so far as they are concerned.

I agree with whoever said (Hitchiens? Dawkins?) "that which is ridiculous is worthy of ridicule". I think there's a place for such disparagement as it breaks through the demand for unearned deference and respect for an ideology that has historically gotten a free pass in the marketplace of ideas.

But it's a fine line. I think if your objective is to plant seeds in people's minds that will give them pause and get them to question their assumptions even a little (probably, under some future duress) it's not going to be delivered in an envelope marked "ridicule". That makes it too easy for them to dismiss out of hand and not even listen enough to that it gets into their memory banks.

But then again ... I suppose that once in awhile it shocks them into paying attention. I don't claim to know the "right" answer here, but I'm usually pretty restrained with out and out derisive mocking as it tends to backfire, at least in the short run.

One thing believers don't get is that we really DON'T believe, we really DO find their beliefs ridiculous. Their operant conditioning considers this impossible and unthinkable so they must find another "explanation" for it. The trick is to get them to see that we really dare to genuinely not believe, without them assuming we are just their stereotype of "angry" or "hateful". It's darned hard.

It is incredibly difficult! I do understand that they will not consider it well enough to see the absolute truth behind it, but if one takes a moment and truly considers what I have said, there is no explanation for it.


I have used similar arguments with theists, only falls on deaf ears.... the most common response is that I would understand if I had a real relationship with Jesus....
And I really don't care who said it...

Oh my god true. (Pun intended)


Did you just wake-up out of a long-g, nightmare? You just might solve some very complex problems, if you keep this up! I sure hope I can keep up...

Thank you!


Have you tried taking that out for a test drive with an evangelical?

Of course! It's one of my favorite things to do! However, I don't mind the people that don't bash atheism or other religions, it is only bigoted, closed-minded people.


Everything you say is true, but someone will come on here tomorrow and whine about how we are bashing religion.

They can come if they please. My girlfriend is Christian, and we have plenty of debates on the subject without incident.

Most of my friends are Christian, and I love 'em but I sure don't love their religion.


Or it’s just fiction, written by one person thousands of years ago. It’s really not a bad novel, even Andrew Lloyd Webber thought t it was a pretty fun book. I can listen to the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar over and over. “ don’t let me stop you’re great self-destruction, die if you want to you miss guided martyr. “ absolutely love it.

I won't disagree that it is a very interesting read, however, the fact that people believe that there is an invisible man in the sky that will put his plan into existence is ridiculous. I believe that Harry Potter is an interesting read, however, that doesn't mean that it actually exists.

@Writinglife2020 I agree, it is ridiculous. It amazes me how many different religions are out there, the goofy shit people believe in.




If you put it like this ...


I have always wondered, if we were created in its likeness, why aren't we invisible.


Ya that sums it up nicely🙂

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