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I thought I would share this here. This is what we are doing for my brother instead of a funeral. He would much prefer this, as he always joked about being a heathen. We're going to enjoy ourselves, tell stories about his life, and toast him off into the beyond.

Tomfoolery33 9 Nov 27

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That's what we did for my husband and I'm looking forward to the same for me.

In due course, of course!!
I've got a bet on with a friend of mine. The winner will be the first one to die, and the loser will have to pay out by putting 1€ on his coffin.
(It's his heart versus my cancer.)


The word Funeral begins with Fun....
Keep it that way. Remember him fondly and have fun.

Will do!


Looks like he was an interesting guy. Sorry for your loss.

Thank you.


For the record, I want the same. Except with more scotch. BYOS.


I like the Thai way. Close off street, set up stage, get the music and dancing girls, party for 3 days.


That’s delightful! We sent my mom off with a mini-concert of show tunes and jazz, followed by dinner at Mexican restaurant.

UUNJ Level 8 Nov 27, 2018

What? No silent remembrances, no funeral dirges, no appeals to GOD to hold him close? Blasphemy! One does not respect the dead with fun, beer, and shameless boogie-woogie!

On second thought, that sounds like a great idea. Ignore everything I said above.

My brother died at just age 47. We played Kiss, Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughn, all his favorites at his service.


Yes! this is how we should handle the end of life. A celebration of the persons life with all their friends and family there. Love, love, love this idea....


We did that for my inlaws. They wanted us to have a big party, so we did. We had food, wine, photos, & videos of their lives. Lots of fun memories, & laughter.

That's great.

@tnorman1236 They were wonderful people, & did not want to be remembered with grief or sadness. It was a great fun memory for all of us to leave with.


That is how it should be done. 🙂


Nice idea.

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