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My ex wrote this piece, on editor’s request, about our dog, Angel, and the Camp Fire, and climate refugees. Personally, I cannot imagine writing anything coherent at this point into the disaster. He writes well of this tragedy.

Justjoni 8 Nov 28

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Thank you for sharing this article. It should be required reading for everyone in public office.


Such a tragedy for so many...and my heart goes out to Allan and Angel, hope the paws heal quickly. They of course are the lucky ones, and many, many more were not so lucky to survive The realisation that this can happen in the richest state in the richest country, really brings home that it could now happen anywhere. We have all been let down by successive governments not heeding the warnings the scientists have been making since the 1980s, and only paying lip-service and token gestures, whilst bowing to the fossil fuel industries and continuing to allow industry to belch out carbon emissions. Internationally we are just now waking up to the fact that action must be taken to at least start halting the slide into complete annihilation. Mr Trump has decided to opt out of all these initiatives, rubbishing not just the scientific advice, but denying the actual evidence of the destructive effects of extreme weather phenomenons which have occurred even in the short time since he came to office, the latest of which has been this catastrophic wildfire in California. If this recent disaster hasn’t made him see the error of preferring to believe the climate deniers instead of the evidence in front of him, then Im afraid nothing will. You have just got to get him out of office and get someone sane in, before it’s too late for all of us.


Thanks for sharing this story. I'm so sorry for what you and everyone effected has gone through. So glad your dog survived, she's one tough gal! (((hugs)))


What a heart warming story! He was so lucky Angel survived with only damaged paws. I can’t imagine knowing my dog was in a fire and there was nothing I could do to rescue him! Gave me chills! This article puts a human (and pet) face on these disasterous fires.


Your ex writes very well... I learned much about this tragedy.. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. . Very sad about your pup too.. He's a survivor...
Feel better... (((hugs)))

Thank you


Terrible, terrible disaster.


This photo is Angel in fatter, happier times ...

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