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I went to many social events that were for singles, but no one has been serious. seems everyone is emotionless.

Julius9811 5 Dec 1

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Maybe you are shy or lack social skills, if that's the case social events are not the right place, try some sites recommended at


I don't like "singles" events because, yes, everyone does seem serious: there's so much "pressure" about meeting someone, so people become self-conscious. Much better to meet people when you're doing something you enjoy and you're relaxed and comfortable. It's really about being open to possibilities, not worrying about whether or not someone will show up for you.


As they say... the best people are usually already taken.


try social events that have a purpose other than meeting people at the events. i go to political events sometimes (not rallies but, for example, a town hall type thing, a labor day bbq, that sort of thing). there are all kinds of events out there where people have a common interest or purpose, and not all of them are single, and they may not be looking for anyone, or know they're looking for anyone, but attending such things you'd have fun, do something you enjoyed or believed in, make friends, and then, wow, real life is funny, maybe become more than friends with a friend, especially if you didn't try too hard to make that happen.


oh i should mention that i go to those events for the events; i bring my guy with me. i'm not looking for another. but if i were, those might be good places to meet another.



Yep. Recently dumped by a woman I spent 15 months with, the majority of the time seemed pretty great. But she just walked away as if it were all meaningless. I don't understand that in the least.

Similar one for me ... went from 60-0 in one afternoon.

I suspect neither one of these folks know WHAT they want !


There are many walls/conceptions one must break through first. 20 years ago it was not anywhere near as bad. Most just give up thinking it is too difficult. Which is why the hookup generation exists.


I am a droid.

These are not the droids he's looking for.

@JimG I am not the droid that anyone is looking for.

@DaphneDarling It does not compute.

@DaphneDarling This species makes no sense. We must annihilate them all.

@DaphneDarling Well, let me see him first.

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@DaphneDarling Okay. Yeah...
Damn that man!


"Emotionless" when meeting a bunch of unknown people in these days??? Imagine that!


Yeah I agree I find the same thing. I'm convinced that I have some serious do not even get close to me Vibes going on

Previous bad relationships,divorced,widowed,and the never married,what a mix,but unless an effort is made to change,a grim future is in store....Harsh perhaps,but the days of the Knight knocking on the door to sweep a Woman off her feet,are pretty well over.

@Mike1947 maybe we need to just draw a conclusion that we need to stop looking for love and let love find us. The best relationships happen out of happenstance. Women don't have a very easy either. Online dating makes it almost impossible for an older woman to get a date. Men are strictly visual, and like looking at a menu they have too many options.

Yes,I've read that love will find us when when we least expect it,maybe working in a volunteer situation,interacting with a group of people,a docent at a museum,helping out in a local play with carpenter skills or painting sets.

@Kojaksmom Cancer is cruel,I lost my wife of 27 years to lung cancer(she smoked from High School,quiting about 30 years ago,ut too late). But life goes on,slowly,haltingly but if you have children to tend to,there's your need,we never had kids,so It's just me....

@Mike1947 me too, no kids.

@Kojaksmom Sometimes at night before sleep,I wonder what kind of father I'd been,but now will never know.....

@Kojaksmom I'm in Missouri,another bible belt State,I don't attend any of the 500 Churches in the area,preferring to keep my beliefs to myself.

@Mike1947 you may want to check out if there are any Unitarian Universalist fellowships in your area. It's a good way to stay active in the community and meet people. That's what I did and I found them to be very free-thinking open-minded people .many of them are atheists and agnostics

@Kojaksmom There's a free thinker group here in Springfield Mo where I live,I've used their website on facebook to interact,have not been to any meeting yet,but plan to soon. Unfortunately I've offended the FB Gods and been put in their "Jail" until the middle of December,due to some of my postings.

@Kojaksmom Yes,I understand,the Widows and divorced Women, are greatly outnumbering the men who use the services,the cruise ships are the same way,Women outlive the Men,so many good Women and so few Men.Nature is cruel it seems....


Keep trying. Get to know people. It takes time for someone to want to be serious and open up.

Physical attraction at first,perhaps getting to know the potential partner after the initial dates,and then do things,go places, earn trust,set mutual goals,maybe plan trips together.


They were waiting for you to be the person you were looking for.


Are you sure it was not a wake?


Not only that, but they expect it to be love at first sight and perfect every day ?

Remi Level 7 Dec 1, 2018

That's what Disney told them love was all about, so has to be true! 😀

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