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What freedoms do you value the most? What of those freedoms do you feel is legitimately threatened by others (including groups, governments, individuals, etc.)?

Seeker3CO 8 Dec 1

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I must be sexually assaulted and questioned to be able to fly on an airplane as a citizen. But non citizens are urged to just come into our country without process. Terrorism won with the Patriot Act and NDAA.


Freedom to make decisions over my own body. Obviously that is threatened by this administration and religion.


Freedom from religion


Freedom of thought. The freedom to believe what you will.


I value freedom of speech, then, property rights. Freedom of speech is being attacked in the US, but is still pretty strong. Property rights are violated left and right (figuratively and literally).

You said it before I could.

Free speech is only strong if you don’t mention Palestinians.


Freedom of movement. Boundaries, borders, walls and fences of all types are constantly being put up by governments, land “owners” and others.


Seems that all of them are being infringed upon.
Free Speech is one. Can't say what you really feel without some SJW getting their panties in a bunch.And be labeled as hate speech, fat shaming, anti women, racist,etc....

@PalacinkyPDX No, that's not what I meant. of course they have the right to their speech as well.
I suppose I didn't articulate what I was meaning.
I just hate the fact that so many these days seem so easily offended, in fact, a lot seem to look for things to be offended by.

@TristanNuvo yeah that’s not what freedom of speech means. You’re free to speak. And people are free to call you an asshole for what you say. Unless the government is interfering with your speech, it’s not an infringement of your rights.

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