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Power of the Punk

AmiSue 8 Dec 4

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Yes and The Rolling Stones once got me a $150 ticket. Rock on!


I Saw Your Mommy And Your Mommy's Dead by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES

Crippled Children Suck by THE MEATMEN

Fist Fuck by DR. KNOW

Vaseline And A Magazine by THE NOBODY'S

I Don't Care About You, Fuck You by FEAR

Holiday In Cambodia by THE DEAD KENNEDY'S

Yes, I remember those days.


There should be a punk hall of fame. Some if us "old timers" could tell stories from the 70's as we all know it wasn't just hard rock, classic rock, and disco.
Being from the East, I even remember certain friends showing me "this new shit" now called hip-hop. I still preferred punk, but anything beat disco when it arrived. For those in Asia, disco hasn't ended yet.


Hell yeah put on some Misfits ( Danzig era ) Rancid or The Dropkick Murphy’s and I’m wired up fired up fucking ready to go!


Punk hard and die young!!!


That's a punk version of a song I'd to hear... "Ami, whatcha-wanna-do?" badadadadadada

godef Level 7 Dec 4, 2018
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