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The saying is true...Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus! Instead of reading all those books on "How to be the Best Lover," try a book on chivalry or "What Women Like to do Outside the Bedroom"...hint guys: it's not sex.

Dragonfly1965 6 Dec 6

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Seems a traditionalist point of view. Men seeking to prove themselves worthy to a woman. Dont see a whole lot of books/articles on women proving themselves to a man. Yeah its outside the box. But it has steered me away from some bad situations. 2 way street, equality, whatever label you want to call it.


Men that can cook,will draw female interest,if he can prepare a simple but tasteful meal like prime rib,a juicy steak,or Salmon with dill butter,has scored without too much effort. Side dishes of steamed potato's,fresh winter vegetables,or some sherbert in dessert cups,are appreciated.


A book on chivalry? I am sure you mean the modern conception and not the reality of chivalry as first conceived in the 1300's, etc.


Watch some damn romance movies to learn how to act properly. Too many explosions & blood & guts tend to make us look elsewhere for a mate.

@Dragonfly1965 Yes indeed.
We had to endure Apocalypse Now. "ssssplosions" blood & guts.


Talking about a book read or an adventure traveler, perhaps a gourmet recipe saught and created.


Is it fencing? Touche'

@Dragonfly1965 I can do those things, sure you don't want to try fencing?

@Dragonfly1965 But but but, they're not sharp and there's no penetration.

@Dragonfly1965 In all seriousness, fencing is fun.


I just assume that a woman will simply and clearly communicate with me as to what she wants to do outside the bedroom. Am I wrong to assume this, and need a book to tell me?

@Dragonfly1965 Hmmmm. I guess that explains why I remain an amateur in dating. 🙂

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