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So my employees told me today that a woman in her early 40’s came in and was placing an order and had seen one of our custom printed shirts that said “ buck furpees” (if you know what a burpee is you’d understand) in the showroom and she went off the rails. Apparently she was offended and wanted to make a formal complaint. Seriously? Would this offend you?

OklaAtheist 4 Dec 7

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It would totally offend me that she went off the rails over that shirt!!!


No wukking furries from my end.


I figger, it prolly was because it was clear what the words meant. "Fuck" is obvious. She might have been thinking of the children.

Jacar Level 8 Dec 7, 2018

No, I would not be offended by the shirt.
It's a shame neither you, nor your employees, could tell her to take her offense, fold it in three corners, and stick it up her ass.
I get that it's not a good business model to tell customers to piss off.
I really wish I was standing next to people that do that kind of thing, while they're doing it. Just so I could tell them to get over themselves, nobody cares if they're offended, and their behavior is what is offensive.

That said, I find Crossfit offensive. 😉


Be all professional, pull out a paper and pen, and say, can you explain exactly why you find the T-shirt offensive, ma'am? Then pretend not to understand as she tries to explain why the word "buck" is offensive.


Tell her you have noted her complaint and assigned it to the complaint committee for further study. Don't tell her the complaint committee only meets every other leap year for 15 min on Feb 29th.


I have a t-shirt that says "I Love Burpees.....said NO ONE ever!"

I need that one...yeah, it is a CrossFitter's nightmare exercise...hate hate love love...ugh would not offend me any more than all of the t-shirts I have seen in catalogs, stores, etc. Take her complaint and then ignore her...


The folks who work for the coroner in my county wear shirts that say last responder on them. If you want to be offended, there you go. And seriously buck furpees.


Let her fill a formal complain, she has the right to complain.
But then print the complain, read archive and ignore it forever...


Entitled snowflakes who think if everything in the world doesn't cater to their thin skinned sensibilities - it is an abomination. Maybe she should travel overseas and see kids starving, women murdered for trying to report rape, or being treated as a second class citizen b/c of race/sex/width of your nose. BTW - I would wager $20 she was a christian.

And no...that wouldn't offend 90% of the reasonable, rational, adult population IMO.

He just about covered every comment I would have made. Personally I could care less what she thinks.


Fuck no.


For buck furpees sake !!! ??????


I agree with the shirt.perhaps she was a cross fit cult member. Most people hate burpees!

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